Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of May 23, 2011

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We’ve rounded up a few of the top book marketing Tweets during the past week, from bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include building an online presence to sell books, promoting your articles with social media, creating a great bio and keeping track of the top publishing trends – and much more. Happy marketing!

* Marketing Your eBook as an Audiobook

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When it comes to your eBook, consider it one of your marketing techniques and offer it in audio format to reach an even larger audience:

* 5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Articles and Blog Posts Through Social Media

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It’s actually pretty easy to automate your posts so they appear on a variety of social media sites and increase your exposure:

* How Writers Can Build An Online Presence To Sell More Books

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Writers need to have an online presence, and when done correctly, that Internet activity can help sell your book:

* What Shopping Channels Can Teach Us About Selling

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When you break down the shopping channels’ methods of selling you’ll see quite a bit of brilliance behind their strategy that can be applied to your own marketing and sales efforts:

* 3 Publishing Trends Writers Must Stay On Top Of

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Agents as publishers; Amazon becoming a publisher and the steady increase in eBook sales are must-know issues for authors:

* How to Send Visitors Away from Your Website in Two Seconds or Less

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Guess how long the average website visit lasts… two seconds. Make sure your site will encourage them to stay:

* But, can you get me on Oprah?

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The seven words publicists will no longer hear – and they are rejoicing:

* 8 Ways to Successfully Sell Using Social Media

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Learn how to maximize your social media strategy with these methods that will help you find friends, fans and followers:

* The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King

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Your online bio is what people look for to find out who you really are. Does your bio put your best face forward?

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