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August 5, 2010 Issue #226

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— Note From The Editor
— We Don’t Want You to Miss Out on AME’s New Author Success Program!
— Feature Article: 12 Secrets to Selling More Books at Events
— Make Your Mark Online
— Join AME’s Book Marketing Channel on YouTube!
— Book Bits and Bites
— Using an Autoresponder to Create More Sales – Tip #1
— Successful Author Secrets Launches Aug. 2!
— AME/LULU Webinar University
— Keep Up With Back Issues of Book Marketing Expert
— Penny in the News!
— Hear What The Publishing Insiders Have to Say
— Roman Retreat for Writers
— Ramp Up Your Facebook Fanpage
— Online Word Helper
— Boost Your Book Sales With Twitter
— Twitter Tip: Replyz
— Twitter Tip – How to Send an Audio Tweet
— Reader Tip!
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Penny C. Sansevieri, Editor

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Note From The Editor
Welcome to another issue of the Book Marketing Expert Newsletter!
Dear Author,

Greetings from BlogHer in New York! I’m so happy to be back here for this event in this fabulous city. If you’re in NY drop me an email and maybe we can connect!
So, have you seen it? Our amazing and fabulous website is now LIVE and I’m over the moon I’m so excited! The feedback on this site has been amazing, and I thank everyone for their input and the team at who helped create this rockin’ new website. Stop by and take a look and soon – we’ll be announcing our website launch contest! So stay tuned.

Have you been doing book events with little or no success? You know, like actually selling books at events? Or would you just like to be able to sell more books? Well, you’ll love this week’s article.
As summer winds down I want to remind you that we’re always here to help, and we’d love to connect with you. Aside from the marketing we offer, we have a ton of great resources to check out at our (new) website and free classes, our blog, and YouTube channel. I keep adding new videos to it all the time!

Oh, and here’s a “don’t miss” event coming up on Sept. 25 in San Diego: the 21st Century Book Marketing Event. I’ll be speaking there again this year, and I’d love to see you there! (
Wishing you publishing success,

Penny, Paula, Susan, Michelle, Nancy and everyone at Author Marketing Experts, Inc.
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We Don’t Want You to Miss Out on AME’s New Author Success Program!
We only have ten slots left to offer of this new program at the currently discounted price. With that, be the first ten folks to sign up and you will be well on your way to more online marketing success!
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What’s the secret to success? Being online. That’s the key. Let us help you. Our fantastic new Author Success Program is available for a limited time offer. If you respond within 7 days of this email, you’ll get this program for $200 off the regular price. Just use the code: AME success when you sign up.
Why are we doing this? Because we know you’ve been promoting your book and we know it’s not always easy. This program is not only easy, but it’ll really kick your campaign into high gear.
Author Success Program! includes:

* A Custom Facebook Fan Page

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* “Fascinating Authors” Internet Radio Guest Appearance!

* Wow-the-Media Custom Press Release

* Top 100 Media Leads Directory

* Book Promotion How-To Library
Investment: $1,495
*** This special offer of $200 off of the pricing brings this program to $1,295 – but you must make your purchase within 7 days! We would love to provide you with the full details of this exciting new program. Please contact T. Michelle Hauser for more info at ~ but please hurry as this offer expires soon!

Feature Article: 12 Secrets to Selling More Books at Events
So you got a book event, great! Now you want to maximize it, right? You’ve heard your writing buddies talk (or perhaps read online) about the lack of attendance at signings, so figuring out how to maximize the event, regardless of the numbers might be tricky. While I spend a lot of time addressing online marketing, the offline component is one you shouldn’t overlook. If book events are where you want to focus, then bringing in some ideas to help you sell more books is something you should consider.
Some years back when I was promoting The Cliffhanger I ended up at a book signing in the driving rain, I mean it was pouring and the store was all but empty. It was amazing I sold even one book, let alone seven. While not a big number, the copies were all sold to people who were seeking refuge in the store from the rain and not there for my event. This signing taught me a lot about events and connecting with consumers in stores. If you have an event coming up, consider these ideas before you head out:
1. Marketing: First and foremost is the marketing of your event. But I’m not talking about the marketing you do in the media (though that is great too) I’m speaking of in-store marketing; this is what most folks seem to overlook. This is where you supply things to the store to help them market your event. Because the first phase of a successful event is driving people to it. Here are a few thoughts.
a. Do bag stuffers. You can easily do this in your favorite computer program, do two up on a page, meaning that you use one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper to do two fliers. You’ll want to ask the store first if they mind that you provide this, most stores or event venues don’t.
b. Bookmarks: while most in the industry see these as pass? people still love them. You can do bookmarks and bag stuffers (or staple them to the flier) or you can do custom bookmarks with the date and time of your event. Nowadays it’s pretty easy to get these done cheaply. Keep in mind that if you are having the event in a mall or other type of shopping area, you might be able to drop the bookmarks (or bag stuffers) off at the nearby stores to see if they’ll help promote the event.
2. Book signings are boring: Regardless of where you do the event, plan to do a talk instead of a signing. People are drawn into a discussion and are often turned off by an author just sitting at a table. Marketing is about message and movement so stand up and speak. If speaking in public is intimidating to you, go to Toastmasters or some other local networking/speaking group and see what you can learn.
3. Unique places: If you want to get more attention for your event, consider doing events in unique places. We’ve done them in video stores, electronics stores, gyms, even restaurants (on slow nights); doing outside-the-bookstore events is a great way to gain more interest for your talk. Why? Because you aren’t competing with everyone else at the bookstore for your crowd. When you do an event at a locale that doesn’t normally do events, you’ll attract more people just because it’s considered “unique.”
4. Show up early and talk it up: OK, so let’s say you’re in the store and there are a ton of people in there shopping (a book event dream, yes?), I suggest that you take your extra bag stuffers or custom bookmarks and just hand them to the people in the store. Let them know you are doing an event at such and such time and you’d love it if they can sit in. You’ll be surprised how many new people you might pull in this way.
5. Customize: Regardless of what your talk is about, poll the audience first to see a) what brought them there, or b) what they hope to learn if your talk is educational. I suggest this because the more you can customize your discussion, the more likely you are to sell a book. If you can solve problems (and this is often done during the Q&A) all the better. You’ll look like the answer machine you are and readers love that. If you have the answers, they’ll want to buy from you. I promise.
6. Make friends: Get to know the bookstore people, but not just on the day of the event. Go in prior and make friends, tell them who you are and maybe even hand them your flier or bookmark (or a stack if you can). Often stores have Information Centers, see if you can leave some fliers there instead of just at the register. Getting to know the people who are selling the book is a great way to help gather more people into your event. If your event isn’t in a bookstore but attached to a shopping area or mall, go around to the stores (and perhaps you did this when you passed out the fliers) and let them know you have an event and ask what you can do to help them promote it. If you can rally the troops to help you market your talk, you could triple the numbers of people at your event. No kidding.
7. Take names: I always, always recommend that you get names and (email) addresses from the folks who attended. Signing them up for your mailing list is a great way to keep in touch with them and stay on your reader’s radar screen. If you have a giveaway or drawing, great! This will help you to collect names. If you don’t, offer them a freebie or e-book after the event. Often if I’m doing a PowerPoint presentation I will put together a set of them (delivered in PDF) after the event. Attendees need to sign up to get them and then once they do, I include them in our newsletter list, which helps me to stay on their radar screen.
8. Pricing: Make sure your book is easy to buy. If you are doing this outside of a bookstore this is easy to do and will help your sales. I find that a rounded number like $10 or $20 makes for a quick and easy sale. If you can round up or down without adding or losing too much to the price, by all means do it.
9. Book pairing: One way you might be able to round up is by pairing your book with a freebie. When I paired Red Hot Internet Publicity with a second, but smaller, marketing book I took the awkward pricing of $18.95, bumped it up to $20 (so 2 books for $20) and quadrupled my sales after an event. Now the pairing doesn’t have to be a book, it can be a special report or even an e-book that you send to them after the event.
10. Product and placement: As you’re doing your talk (especially if it’s in a non-bookstore venue) make sure that you have a copy of the book propped up in front of you so event visitors see it the entire time you are speaking. Hold up the book when appropriate and use it as an example when you can. This will help to direct the consumer’s eye to the book – and making eye contact with the product is a good way to make sure it stays on their radar screen throughout your talk. When I do a speaking gig at an event that allows me to sell books in the room, I will sell four times more than I would if the attendees have to go somewhere else to buy it, so make the buy easy. If you can, make sure your books are for sale in the room.
11. Ease of purchase: Aside from pricing, if you’re doing your own checkout make sure that you have many ways consumers can buy your book. I take credit cards at the event, checks and cash. Don’t limit yourself as to what you can take or you will limit your sales.

12. Post event wrap-up: So the event is over, what now? Well, if you got attendees to sign up for your newsletter (you did do that, right?) now it’s time to send a thank you note for attending and remind them (if they missed the chance at the event) to buy a copy of your book at the “special event price.”

Speaking and book events are great ways to build your platform, but if you aren’t selling books there’s little point in doing them. For many of us, our book is our business card and thus, if we can sell our “business card” we can keep consumers in our funnel. If your book isn’t your business card you still want readers, right? The marketing before, during and after an event is crucial to building your readership. While it’s easy to say that events sell books, they often don’t. I find that if you don’t “work it” you often will find your time wasted. Seek the opportunities when they are made available to you – and then maximize them when they are, you’ll be glad you did!

Make Your Mark Online
Ready to make your own *big* impression online? We’ve had a *huge* success story I’m dying to share with you. A recent campaign we did got the author on PAGE 1 of Google out of 115 million competing web pages, and the best part? He wasn’t even on Google when we started. If you’re ready to get found online, consider one of our Red Hot Internet Marketing campaigns. Email us today for more information:

Join AME’s Book Marketing Channel on YouTube!
Be sure to subscribe to AME’s YouTube channel; new videos are added regularly to keep you up to date on all things book marketing!

Book Bits and Bites
Jane Austen Kicks Butt: The Jane Austen Fight Club – you’ll never think of this classic the same way after watching this video:
TV Tie-In: Love the show? Try “Mad Men” Book Reviews,
For the Order-Obsessed: Is there an art to filling bookshelves?
Prices is Going Down, Down, Down: Amazon unveils $139 Kindle e-reader Wi-Fi edition,

Using an Autoresponder to Create More Sales – Tip #1
This is simply a form of permission marketing. Seth Godin – a well known author and marketer – has a great book on this topic: “Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers.” People will give you their permission to receive emails in return for you giving them free, quality information. Do not load the messages with over-hyped sales pitches, but give them real quality information with a small mention about your product at the end.
What you’ll find is that people come to know you and grow to trust you over time as you send them more and more information. The longer you can maintain this relationship with them, the more likely they are to actually buy from you.
If you’re completely new to marketing online some of this might seem a little complicated. Don’t worry. You don’t have to understand everything – just try to pick up as much as you can. In addition to knowing the process, you’ll need to have a third party service in place. The system I use and recommend:
Step 1 – Creating your Subscribe box or Squeeze Page and offer:
You need a solid subscribe box or squeeze page from which you can collect email addresses and names. Make your offer interesting, make it important, and most of all, make it valuable. What we are talking about is an opt-in or often called “ethical bribe,” like a free report or book excerpt, as more people prefer to opt in to receive something for free than if you were to just ask them to ‘Sign up to my newsletter’ or “Join my mailing list’.
That free report or free chapter will drive readers to subscribe to your list. That up front value is vital. Over time, those subscribers will receive dozens of emails from you that build trust and add value to your relationship – not to mention the simple fact that very few people will purchase from your website the first time they arrive there. They need to get to know you and trust you first.
Because of that added trust, a subscriber is almost ten times more likely to make a purchase than a cold lead, and on average, a subscriber with money will buy more than one product over the life of their subscription. So, their presence on your list is very important.
More steps in this wonderful marketing system in the next issue.
Tip offered by Susan Gilbert, AME’s Search Engine Marketing Expert and Web 2.0 company owner,, which provides Social Networking websites and services.

Successful Author Secrets Launches Aug. 2!
Successful Author Secrets: Navigating the Course from Aspiring Author to Best-seller and Beyond will feature 21 successful authors who will tell you the truth about what it took for them to become successful.
Did you know that one of the best ways that an entrepreneur can stand out from the competition is to write a book?
When you’re an author, you have a business card that lasts forever, sharing your message and wisdom with the world. In fact, a book is often your ticket to getting invitations for paid speaking engagements, media attention, information products, higher fees, and a steady stream of clients.
However, writing and marketing a book can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Aspiring authors can get bogged down and never finish their books, or, even worse, write a book that no one wants to buy.
Just imagine learning from author superstars like Michael Gerber, Marci Shimoff, Loral Langmeir, and T. Harv Eker.
If you are even remotely considering writing a book to build your business, check out the all-star line up of speakers at this on-line event happening in August. And, you can attend for free! Visit

AME/LULU Webinar University
AME and LULU Publishing have joined forces to present publishing seminars. These free classes are led by Penny Sansevieri and will ramp up your book marketing efforts to the next level!
Webinars are held at 7 pm EST and require computer access. FMI, email
Learn more about the Lulu webinars on their Facebook page or at

What they’re saying about Lulu University:

You do great work, can’t wait for the next webinar. I will have to catch the recording of tomorrow’s session because I have appointments that conflict. But I will definitely make it a point not to miss any of yours that I’m aware of.

~Marlene Morris
August 9 – Media Training Magic!

Are you ready for your close-up? If you’re not sure, then this class is for you. Before you spend valuable marketing dollars to get yourself on radio and TV, you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re doing when it comes to media exposure. This class will teach you what you need to know about media training. BONUS: We’ll also share with you the media mistakes you’ll NEVER want to make!
September 13 – Getting on Radio and TV Today!

Are you ready for the big time? Then this class is for you! During our session we’ll unveil the secrets of getting on radio and TV – today! We’ll teach you how to create a “book hook,” how to position yourself onto an ongoing story and how you can get your pitch noticed for immediate results!
September 27 – Marketing Bonanza

Got a burning marketing question you want to get answered? Then this class is for you! We’ll address all of your marketing questions and help you solve your difficult marketing problems, or, just make sense of what you’ve learned on previous marketing calls. BONUS: ready to share your success stories? We’d love to hear about your successes and how you did it.

Keep Up With Back Issues of Book Marketing Expert
We’re offering our 2009 Book Marketing Expert issues in e-book form. Interested in getting caught up with some back issues? Email us at

Penny in the News!
Brainstormin’ w/ Bill Frank did an interview with Penny about Internet Publicity for AM 1400 KKZZ:
Penny has a series on book marketing underway at BookBuzzr – TGIF Book Marketing Tips: How to Make Money On Twitter (no, really),

TGIF Book Marketing Tips: The Real Secret to Twitter,

TGIF Book Marketing Tips: Why Inbound Marketing Makes Sense,

TGIF Book Marketing Tips: Inbound Marketing Rocks! Now What?
Penny will be a speaker at the 21st Century Book Marketing Event September 25 and 26 in San Diego, which will focus on all the latest information on publishing and marketing your book. Visit 21st Century Book Marketing’s site for more information.
Keep up with Penny’s latest blog for Huffington Post,

Hear What The Publishing Insiders Have to Say
Be in the know and hear what the publishing insiders: Penny Sansevieri, CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc. – and her guests – have to offer in terms of tips and insights into the industry! Listen here. Publishing Insiders is now available on iTunes, so you can keep up with the show wherever you go!
Upcoming shows:

A Self Publishing Success Story – Aug. 10 at 4 p.m. Pacific

Authors can and should look beyond the bookstore for their book sales, and Randy Kearse has found a winning formula selling his books on the New York City subway. Over the past three years, Randy has sold about 14,000 copies of his books at $10 apiece, offering his message of hope, redemption and success. Randy will share his story and his strategies to his successful subway sales. About our guest: Once deemed a menace to society by a judge who sentenced him to 15 years in 1992, Randy Kearse, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, served 13 years, 6 months and 2 days in federal prison. He returned to society with a new perspective, a fresh focus, and strong determination to succeed. Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. Randy grew up in the Farragut housing projects. He provides people with a formula to turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity. He is the author of Street Talk: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage (first self-published then picked up by Barricade Books Inc. for Street Talk; Changin’ Your Game Plan: How to use incarceration as a stepping stone for SUCCESS; The Writing Game: How to Print, Publish, Profit in the Book Industry; co-wrote From Incarceration 2 Incorporation with best selling author J.M. Benjamin; and recently released The Street Survival Guide for the Young Black and Latino Male. Learn more at and
Shows available for download include:

From Blog to Book

What Van Halen Can Teach You About Book Marketing

The Digital Book Revolution

Powerhouse Promotion with Marci Shimoff

It’s Getting Hot in Here – erotica equals hot books and even hotter sales!

How to Maximize Book Reviews

E-books: the Savior of Publishing or the Foe?

Special Guest Mari Smith, queen of Facebook and dubbed “the Pied Piper of the Online World” by, on the hottest new Facebook apps to what’s hot and what’s not in the world of social media.

Special Guest Seth Godin, marketing guru and author of the upcoming book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

All Things Twitter! with Warren Whitlock, author of the first book on Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online.

Roman Retreat for Writers
What better way to inspire better writing than a writers’ retreat in the heart of Rome! Award-winning UCLA Extension Writing instructors Eve LaSalle Caram and Carolyn Howard-Johnson are planning just such an intimate, inspirational (and FRUGAL by Rome standards!) writers’ get together:

Ramp Up Your Facebook Fanpage
Here are some great tips for 9 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page:

Online Word Helper
Need an instant dictionary? Try WordWeb – WordWeb sits in your system tray until you need it. It has both a dictionary and thesaurus.

Boost Your Book Sales With Twitter
On Thursday, August 12, Dana Lynn Smith and Tony Eldridge will host a teleseminar titled, “Boost Your Book Sales With Twitter.” Dana will talk about the importance of Twitter to an author and how to use it to boost your book sales. Tony Eldridge will then talk about how to host a Twitter Contest to find the followers who will be interested in the type of books you write. For more information and to register, visit

Twitter Tip: Replyz
Replyz: See the questions people are asking on Twitter.

Twitter Tip – How to Send an Audio Tweet
Sing Happy Birthday to someone, rant, apologize – it’s all possible if you use one of the audio tweet services available. Check it out:

Reader Tip!
If you’ve got a Reader Tip you’d like to share, please send it to with the subject line “reader tip.” Submissions should be 75 words or less.

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