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September 30, 2010 Issue #230

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— Note From The Editor
— 2 books for $20 is back!
— Need Book Marketing Content?
— Feature Article: 8 Secrets for Getting into Bookstores
— Make Your Mark Online
— Join AME’s Book Marketing Channel on YouTube!
— Book Bits and Bites
— Keeping Your Computer Safe
— Self Publishing Book Expo Oct. 2
— AME/LULU Webinar University
— Keep Up With Back Issues of Book Marketing Expert
— Penny in the News!
— Hear What The Publishing Insiders Have to Say
— Dream It! Launch It! Live It! Conference Nov. 7-9
— Blog With Abandon!
— The Perfect Query
— Media Kit Know-How
— Twitter Tip: Support Your Blog
— Twitter Tip: Track Your Tweets
— Reader Tip!

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Penny C. Sansevieri, Editor

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Note From The Editor
Welcome to another issue of the Book Marketing Expert Newsletter!

Dear Author,

Thank you for tuning into another great issue! This week, we’re looking at some great ways to get onto the bookstore shelves. If you haven’t been successful in that regard, I think you’ll really like this piece.

I’m here in NY at the Self Publishing Expo that’s being held this weekend – if you’re going to be there, please drop by and say “hi”!

It’s another packed issue and we hope you will enjoy it!

Wishing you publishing success,

Penny, Paula, Susan, Michelle, Nancy and everyone at Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

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Need Book Marketing Content?
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Feature Article: 8 Secrets for Getting Into Bookstores
Let’s face it, regardless of the odds we authors still want to get into bookstores. But if you’ve been having a hard time with this, take heart. It’s getting harder and harder to get into stores, but not impossible. We’re going to look at some of the possibilities here.

First, it’s important to understand the pressure stores are under right now. With the increased focus on publishers to get their authors out there, bookstores are being given most of their marching orders by their corporate office. Bookstore shelf space is bought and paid for by the New York publishers, making getting on the shelves or display racks a bit tricky – if not impossible. So here’s a game plan for those of you trying to survive outside of the traditional market.

1. Get to know your local store: I know this might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many authors don’t really know the people in their local store. The thing is, if you know them, they know you. Then, when you’re ready to promote your book they might be more open to having you in their store if you have taken the time to get to know them.

2. Events: One way to get into a bookstore is by doing an event. Sometimes when you do an event the store may stock the book before and after you’ve done your program. Start to follow the types of events they do at the store. Get an events calendar or get on their email list. You’ll start to see trends emerge. For example, they might have an independent author night you could participate in. Also be cautious for big releases, like the recent Stephenie Meyer events many stores had planned. If you are trying to capture the attention of a store when they’re in the middle of a major book launch, you’re likely to be ignored.

a) Book signings are boring, offer to do an event instead. Events are a draw, book signings aren’t unless you’re a celebrity. Plan to do a talk, educate, entertain, or enlighten. This will be a more attractive pitch to the bookstore and will draw more people to your talk.

b) Get to know the local authors in your area and then offer to plan events for them. Here’s how this works: Bookstores are inundated with local authors asking for a time slot, but what if you went to the bookstore manager and said that you’d be willing to coordinate a once a month event featuring all the local authors? The bookstore could just refer all local independently published authors to you, you could coordinate this – and guess what? Not only are you helping the store, but guess who’s getting a monthly showcase in their store? You. You can do this with more than one store if you have the time, but keep in mind that with cutbacks often one store manager will oversee a few locations so you might only have to go through one person.

c) If they won’t let you coordinate a monthly event, suggest that they have an Independent author night if they haven’t already started this. If they have an Independent author night you should definitely participate, it’s a great way to gain exposure, not to mention network with some local people.

3. Distribution: Making sure that the bookstore can actually acquire the book is often the first step in getting stocked. Bookstores generally tap into two databases for stocking: Baker & Taylor and Ingram. If you’re listed there, bookstores can order the book, though a listing in those databases doesn’t usually prompt stocking because these are not distributors, they are wholesalers. There’s a big difference. Distributors such as IPG, Perseus, and Midpoint actively push the book into the bookstores, or try to sell copies into the stores during their sales push. Wholesalers don’t do this, so if you can get a distributor for your book, great! This could really help your in-store success.

4. Local marketing: Don’t forget any marketing you do locally, whether it’s speaking in venues outside of the bookstores, television, radio, or print. All of this can drive traffic into the bookstores. Market locally and when you do, let the stores know you’re going to have a feature or appearance so they can stock the book, if they want to. It’s always a great idea to get to know the managers or buyers for your local stores so you can alert them to media or an event you’re doing. This not only keeps you and your book on their radar screen, but it’s a nice courtesy to offer them. Most managers are stretched pretty thin and appreciate the buying tip, whenever they can get it. Even if they choose not to stock your book the first or second time, keep alerting them to your promotion. Eventually they just might.

5. Know your Geography: Let’s say you live in New York, but your book is more suited to the Midwest market… Why keep pushing in an area that’s already inundated with authors and books and events? Why not push it to a market that’s more appropriate for your topic? By doing this you will not only open up channels you might not have considered, but you’ll likely do better in sales. When you do this, you should plan to coordinate some marketing around it so folks in that local area are aware that your book is there.

6. Buy a book: Don’t just wander the store trying to make friends: shop there. Support your local stores regardless of whether they are a chain or independent. You’d be surprised what a difference this makes when you’re trying to get to know the folks who could book you for an event or stock the book on their shelves.

7. Funnel your buyers: Try as best you can to funnel everyone to one store to purchase your book. If you’re having a tough time getting shelf space (and aren’t we all?), funneling folks to one store might prompt that store to keep a few copies of your book on hand. Whenever you do local speaking or media, let them know by name and address where they can get your book. Stores have been known to take in books that they’re getting lots of requests for, regardless of how they are published. If you’re sending people to one store – instead of fragmenting them to a bunch of different ones – you could start building an ongoing interest in reorders, and sometimes all it takes is one store to stock it before the neighboring stores will follow suit.

Getting into bookstores isn’t impossible, but it does require a dash of creativity. Keep in mind that if bookstores still aren’t receptive after you’ve tried the tips in this article then maybe you’re sitting in a tight market. Areas like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago might be tough areas to get noticed, because these are often the first stops traditional publishers seek when planning author tours and getting stocked on the shelves. If you’re near those areas, try looking outside of the city for alternatives that are often overlooked by New York. If that doesn’t work for you, then consider non-bookstore shelf space and events. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out my other article on events outside of the normal bookstore market,

Over the years we’ve planned events for our authors in all sorts of non-bookstore venues such as: video stores, electronics stores, gyms and even grocery stores. If events are your focus, keep an open mind and remember: often the biggest piece of getting your book into a bookstore is the relationship you build with them.

Make Your Mark Online
Ready to make your own *big* impression online? We’ve had a *huge* success story I’m dying to share with you. A recent campaign we did got the author on PAGE 1 of Google out of 115 million competing web pages, and the best part? He wasn’t even on Google when we started. If you’re ready to get found online, consider one of our Red Hot Internet Marketing campaigns. Email us today for more information:

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Book Bits and Bites
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* Inspired Reading: 100 best first lines from novels,

* The Must-See Interview: JK Rowling to talk to Oprah Friday, Oct. 1 on the future of Harry Potter,

* Things Never Change: The struggle to monetize publishing goes all the way back to the first publisher, Gutenberg,

Keeping Your Computer Safe
I’m a big proponent of social media and working online. However, you must be smart about it….

I’m sure you’ve all received emails/notices from what appears to be Facebook, Amazon, with links asking for you to check on an order, asking you to login and correct a problem, etc.

DON’T CLICK ON IT unless you know it’s the real thing. You just might have been “phished.” defines it as: In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Did you know that many protections have been added by security conscious programmers to certain browsers that will stop you even if you do “Click?” I have Firefox set as my default browser to protect me from phishing. Google, in conjunction with Firefox, reports bad pages to Firefox users via a big and ugly red warning page stating that what you clicked is bad.

The scammers and hackers are getting more and more intelligent about tricking you. They’re using a concept called social engineering. The Wiki is a very interesting read: A hacker’s time is mostly spent on this, and only a small fraction of time is spent on executing a technical attack.

So the moral of the story (or tip) is: Keep your computer secure even when you’re NOT in front of it.

Places and files to look out for:

1. Facebook & other social networks. There are real emails and phishing emails. Learn the difference.

2. Common files links or attachments in them with these extensions; wmv, mp3, avi, pdf. Same thing – notice whether the files are coming from a known email.
3. Anything that asks you for stuff – passwords, logins, etc.

Steps to prevent yourself from becoming infected:

1. Stop using Internet Explorer for websites that you can use Firefox to access

2. Use Firefox

3. Make sure you have a current Anti-virus program. Here are some recommendations:

Vipre – Get a Free Trial here:

b. Microsoft Security Essentials (uses the same engine I think as Vipre, but people have reported problems with it.)

c. ESET NOD32 anti-virus

d. At least one of the following but still not good enough. (Avast, Avira, Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee, AVG)

Do NOT install more than one anti-virus program. In this situation, more is not better and it can be very bad for your computer to have one anti-virus program competing with another. Choose one and keep it current.

Tip offered by Susan Gilbert, AME’s Search Engine Marketing Expert and Web 2.0 company owner,, which provides Social Networking websites and services.

Self Publishing Book Expo Oct. 2
The 2nd Self Publishing Book Expo will be Oct. 2 at the Sheraton NY. For published authors, it’s the chance to exhibit and sell your book, and the place to be to gather current information on all aspects of self-publishing and marketing. For aspiring authors, find out all you need to know about independent publishing and the intricacies of how the process works. For more information, visit

AME/LULU Webinar University
AME and LULU Publishing have joined forces to present publishing seminars. These free classes are led by Penny Sansevieri and will ramp up your book marketing efforts to the next level!

Webinars are held at 7 pm EST and require computer access. FMI, email

Learn more about the Lulu webinars on their Facebook page or at

What they’re saying about Lulu University:

You do great work, can’t wait for the next webinar. I will have to catch the recording of tomorrow’s session because I have appointments that conflict. But I will definitely make it a point not to miss any of yours that I’m aware of.

~Marlene Morris

October 18 – The Building Blocks of Book Marketing!
When it comes to book marketing there’s a lot you can do but what’s really the most effective way to promote? The Building Blocks of Book Marketing will show you “can’t fail” strategies along with shortcuts and insider secrets to getting your book noticed! We’ll also look at the things you must do to market your book. BONUS: We’ll share tips to getting free publicity!

November 1 – Creating a Stunning Press Kit (so the media will notice you!)
If creating a press kit has baffled you then don’t miss this class! We’ll talk about everything from crafting the perfect press release, to creating your bio, questions and tip sheets. We’ll also talk about the things no good press kit should be without and what you should never include in a kit! If you’re struggled with your own kit or just aren’t sure what they should look like, then this class is for you! BONUS: we’ll also learn about electronic press kits, online press rooms.

Keep Up With Back Issues of Book Marketing Expert
We’re offering our 2009 Book Marketing Expert issues in e-book form. Interested in getting caught up with some back issues? Email us at

Penny in the News!
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Hear What The Publishing Insiders Have to Say
Be in the know and hear what the publishing insiders: Penny Sansevieri, CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc. – and her guests – have to offer in terms of tips and insights into the industry! Listen here. Publishing Insiders is now available on iTunes, so you can keep up with the show wherever you go!

Upcoming shows:

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Dream It! Launch It! Live It! Conference
The first ever Dream it! Launch it! Live it! Conference will be November 7-9, 2010. The global conference, kicking off simultaneously in five cities nationwide, will engage women everywhere to manifest the best version of themselves – as women, as leaders, as entrepreneurs – and be an opportunity for women across the nation to launch their dream businesses and their lives.

This event is NOT just for women entrepreneurs (although if you’ve always dreamed of launching something, now’s your chance), it is for anyone who wants to get inspired, enjoy spa treatments, be surrounded by positive energy, run or walk on the beach daily, listen to celeb success stories, dance, sing, ‘eat, pray, love’, have fun, come to VIP parties. Guest speakers include Martha Beck, Molly Ringwald, Joan Lunden and others. Shop, be around other cool, interesting women from around the globe, take a true dream, any dream or passion, to the next level, even your life!


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Twitter Tip: Track Your Tweets!
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