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We uncovered some of the top book marketing Tweets during the past week, from bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The range of topics include: branding, creating and sharing press releases, starting your book promotion, selling your book on Kindle and tweeting for authors. Good luck with your marketing efforts!

Authors, Publishers – Everyone Needs to Brand

Unevolved Brand #

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A look at the various ways to keep to building your brand and your business:

6 Modern Ways to Create and Share a Press Release

PR Newswire logo

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A rundown of five services that can help you create and share press releases:

Social Media: There’s No Such Thing as Starting Too Early

Seth Godin

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Try three years before your book comes out – that’s advice from marketing guru Seth Godin. Learn why:

Book Marketing: Understand Amazon Kindle Before You Go

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 07:  An Amazon Kindle is s...

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A feature of the latest update to Amazon’s Kindle software is a really useful marketing tool:

How to Sell Books on Kindle From an Indie Publisher

Cover of

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Tips M. Louisa Locke learned from others and her own experience, after selling more than 9,000 books mostly through the Kindle store:

Does a Blog Sell Books?


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Some very interesting survey results worth reading:

Strategic Tweeting for Authors

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Think of Twitter as a megaphone that can spread your message and attract readers:

RSS Readers – The Most Valuable Tool You Don’t Use

This icon, known as the

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The RSS news reader is a free Web-based tool that lets you subscribe to and manage blog content, as well as other real-time news such as your Google alerts:


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