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Here’s a breakdown of a few of the most useful book marketing Tweets during the past week, from bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The range of topics include: managing the Facebook Page changes, using Twitter to market your book, getting Twitter followers, and being the perfect guest blogger. Happy marketing!

Q&A: Using Twitter to Market Your Book

23/365 I'm tweeting this

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BookBuzzr had a webinar about Using Twitter to Market Your Book. The panel consisted of Carolyn-Howard Johnson (author of the HowToDoItFrugally series), Joel Friedlander (proprietor of Marin Bookworks), Laurel Marshfield (professional writer, ghostwriter and developmental editor), Phyllis Zimbler Miller (co-founder of Miller Mosaic Power Marketing) and Penny C. Sansevieri (CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc.). See what the experts had to say:

Elements of a Successful Book Proposal

The First Draft Of My Flickr Book

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Everything you need to include and the order in which it should appear, in your book proposal … listed in great detail:

You Have A New Twitter Account With No Followers: Now What?

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That’s the question every new Twitter user has once that account is live. Learn how to get going so you’ll find – and keep – followers:

Facebook Page Changes: What You Need to Know

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One thing you can always count on with Facebook is that it will change. Now that the former fan pages have evolved, here’s what you need to know:

Self-Publishing a Book: 25 Things You Need to Know

remember to thank all the books you haven't re...

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Sure, it’s easy to self-publish. But, there are no guarantees, and there are many things you should know before you take the leap. A self-published author shares what he’s learned about the process:

How to Be the Perfect Guest Blogger

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One of the best ways to raise your profile online is through guest blogging. And it never hurts to have a few tips to make your guest blogging stint effective and rewarding:


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