‘Best of the AME Blog’ Marketing Tips 2010; Get Pumped for 2011!

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The holidays are over and it’s time to take action. To guide you, we’ve highlighted a final batch of our most popular blog posts from the past year. Topics include what your website needs to attract reviewers, how to maintain a successful blog and the elements of a winning marketing plan – and more. Happy marketing!

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6 Things Your Website Should Tell Book Reviewers About You (and Your Book)

Getting your book reviewed is not as simple as sending out a pitch; in fact, that pitch is often the first step in the potential reviewer checking you out. So we have to ask: are you and your website ready for scrutiny? We’ve already covered 7 Simple Steps to Getting Your Book Reviewed, http://blog.marketingtipsforauthors.com/2010/10/7-simple-steps-to-getting-your-book.html. Now we’ll move on to the next phase:


4 Tips on What NOT to Say (or Pitch or Do) to Get Your Book Reviewed

If you want guarantees, you won’t find them in book reviews. Death and taxes, yes – but the book review process is a sea of unknowns, from how many review requests you’ll get to who’ll actually post a review to whether they’ll even like your book at all. What to keep in mind during the review process:

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9 Ways to Create and Maintain a Successful Blog

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You took the advice and started a blog, and there you are – staring at the screen of the newly opened post, cursor blinking and your mind blank… what on earth are you going to do now? Some ideas:


Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan


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Most of us wouldn’t cook an entree for the first time without following a recipe, and having a marketing plan for your book can make the difference between success and falling flat. The plan establishes how you will find and reach your audience and sets a budget timetable so you can achieve your goals, step by step:


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