‘Best of the AME Blog’ Marketing Tips 2010 – New Year Kickoff

by | Jan 5, 2011 | Social Media for Authors

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To get 2011 off on the right foot, we’ve pulled together some of our best and most useful tips from last year, such as growing your following on social networks, maximizing media leads and ensuring your PR campaign doesn’t fail. Here’s to your marketing success!

Social Networks

Semiotics of Social Networking

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People join social networks for a variety of reasons: to socialize, share and/or self-promote. The one caveat to this is that social networks are not receptive to marketing messages or sales hype, but those sitting on these sites are looking for answers and advice. In fact, your presence on a social networking site should be 80 percent education and 20 percent sales. Users on social networking sites want friends, mentors, experts and guidance. If you can offer this to a social networking site or sites, you can certainly grow your list:


Ten Ways to Know if Your (Internet) Marketing is Paying Off

In social media you need to keep a close eye on what’s working and what’s not. If you’ve spent *any* kind of time online you know that you can be in front of your computer for what seems like 20 minutes and yet three hours have gone by. If the three hours of marketing is paying off, then it’s fine to spend the time. But you need to know the difference. Here are a few things you can review to measure the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of your marketing:

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Fatal PR – Mistakes Authors Make on Their Campaigns

Any author who is driving their own PR campaign knows that often times marketing and media can be an uphill battle. Many times authors are pitching and promoting themselves with minimal results. It can be tedious and frustrating and sometimes lead them to make fatal PR mistakes that can cost them their campaign:


Maximizing Media Leads

How can you get better exposure for your pitches? Here is a quick guide to pitching these media leads services that will provide you with insight and guidance for better placement and better stickiness to the stories you pitch:


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