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by | Dec 21, 2010 | Book Marketing Basics, Social Media for Authors

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We enjoy providing you with publishing and marketing tips and inspiration all year long, and we hope you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy writing them!

As dedicated readers of the Author Marketing Experts, Inc. blog, we have a request:

Every year Writer’s Digest magazine publishes a list of the “101 Best Websites for Writers.”

101 Best Article
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If you enjoy the AME blog, we’d be honored if you’d vote for us to be included on this list. To vote:

1. Email with “101 Best Websites” in the subject line.

2. In the body of the email, list our blog, You can also explain why you find our blog useful (although it’s not required).

Thank you for your support, and here’s to successful publishing and marketing in 2011!

~ The AME team

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  1. Carol Bryant

    Honored to do so, your site and books are amazing and going to share! Good luck!

    • Paula


      Thank you, we appreciate it!

  2. Wendy J. Cook

    I love your cornucopia of tips and ideas. I’m glad to be able to return the favor in some small way. Vote submitted, as requested!

    • Paula


      Thank you so much, we appreciate it!

  3. Wendy Wallbridge

    Well that’s the least I can do! As I wrote to Writer’s Digest, AME has a fabulous blog and site for writers,chock full of immediately usable tips and directions for gaining more visibility and value-added messaging.
    Thank you!

    • Paula


      Thank you, we appreciate it – and we will continue to offer tips, insights and more!

  4. Daniel Bel-Tempo

    You are very informative.


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