Best of the Web Tips for the Week of Dec. 6, 2010

by | Dec 10, 2010 | Book Marketing Basics, Social Media for Authors

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We’ve unearthed many of the best book marketing Tweets during the past week to inspire your marketing endeavors. These tips come from bloggers, marketers, authors and others and cover a variety of topics, such as managing your online reputation, when to query agents, holiday marketing tips and the anatomy of a Tweet. Happy marketing!

* 4 Internet Marketing Trends for 2011,

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* The Numbers Tell the Story: Why Social Media Matters,

* What’s Happening in Publishing (& What it Could Mean for Writers),

* 8 Holiday Marketing Tips,

* Essential Info to Supply Your Book Publicist,

* 52 Great Blogs for Self Publishers,

* How to Land a Literary Agent: First, Get a Platform,

* 4 Scientific Tips That Help You Get More Blog Comments,

* The Best Time of Year to Query Agents,


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* What Publishers, Authors & Journalists Can Learn from Indie Rock and Music Blogs,

* Secrets To Selling A Ton Of Books On Book Launch Day,

* 7 Secrets for Amazing Author Websites,

* The Rockstar Guide to Getting More Traffic, Fame and Success,

* HOW TO: Make the Most of Your Twitter Profile Page,

* Do I Need a Website or Can I Just Be Social?

* 9 Tips For Great Web Copy: How To Keep Them Reading,

When's the Best Time to Tweet?
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* The Anatomy of a Tweet – What Do All Those Symbols Mean?

* 5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation,

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