Best of the Web Tips for the Week of Oct. 25, 2010

by | Oct 29, 2010 | Book Marketing Basics, Social Media for Authors

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We’ve rounded up some of the best book marketing Tweets for the week to help you in your journey. These great resources represent a cross-section of bloggers and marketers, on topics range from crafting the perfect titles for your blog posts to steps to getting your book reviewed to why you need to market your book in the first place.

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* Building Community on Your Blog,

* Why Do I Have to Market My Book? I Just Want to Write a Book,

* 10 Controversial Twitter ‘How To’ Issues,

* Online Marketing Works if you Have the Long View,

* 4 Important Tips to Promote Old Posts,

* Marketing Tips For Authors: 7 Simple Steps to Getting Your Book Reviewed,

* 5 Tips to Getting More Feedback on Your Posts,

* 5 Reasons to Use Press Releases to Promote Your Blog,

* Are Book Signings Worth the Time and Effort?

* 5 Common Facebook Faux Pas,

* 5 Ways to Track What Your Website Visitors are Doing,

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* 4 Tips on Crafting a Title That Will Get People to Read Your Post,

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