Press Kits Aren’t Dead

by | Oct 11, 2010 | Book Marketing Basics

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There’s been a lot of banter recently about press kits and whether or not they still make sense. Believe me, they do. If you’re going to promote yourself don’t skip this important step. But here’s the key: cute is passé, serious is where it’s at. Now by serious, I don’t mean your kit has to be black and boring, but rather it needs to have less sizzle and more steak. Forgetting the fact that the competition is fierce to get noticed these days, even more important: it’s a reporter’s job to separate the real from the wanna-be’s.

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Meaning that reporters and producers want to know what you can really offer them, don’t dance around this topic, get right in there and offer them real, solid information. Remember, too, that kits are a living, breathing part of your campaign and as such, need to reflect the media you’re targeting. Don’t send a generic kit, customize your kit to suit the needs of the person you’re pitching.

Here are some basics every kit should contain:

* Cover letter

* Press release

* Your bio

* Your picture (if you had them done)

* Tip sheet (if appropriate to your topic)

* Interview questions (when appropriate)

* Clippings from print media (if you have them)

Important: don’t overstuff your kit! Keep it simple, professional and on point!

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So how about electronic kits? Yes, you should have an electronic press kit too! Make sure you have a press room on your website so the media can download what they need or email you for further information.

Remember that press kits aren’t dead – not by any means – but much like everything else, they are changing with the times and so should you!

Happy Pitching!

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