Want to Know What Your Website Visitors See?

by | Mar 17, 2010 | Book Marketing Basics

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Want to know what your website visitors see on your site? Take a look at Google’s new tool, the “Above the Fold” look at your site. Go to http://browsersize.googlelabs.com/ and enter your URL. You will see your site overlaid with areas that represent 99%, 98% and so on of the browser sizes used on the Web (based on Google tracking). You might be surprised to find that half of what you think your visitors see goes completely off the page!


  1. Candis Hiss

    Thanks for sharing, I found this story while searching for music videos, thoughtful comments and great points made.

  2. Dyan Allessi

    I love your take on this, could not agree more.

  3. Kena Quinlan

    I usually do not leave comments, but I thought this was a great post! Author Marketing Experts, Inc. » Want to Know What Your Website Visitors See? was a wonderful read. WoW:)

  4. Penny

    Thanks, Kena! We’re so glad you’ve found us. Happy promoting 🙂 Penny


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