The Importance of Consistency

by | Jan 25, 2010 | Book Marketing Basics

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Despite what we may think about the power and flood of information coming at us from a multitude of different places there is still something we all crave: consistency. We want it, need it, and value it. That’s why no matter what your platform, no matter how you discriminate the information whether it’s through your blog, Twitter, or Facebook. The importance of consistency can’t be overstated. Here’s the point. OK, so we have tons of stuff coming at us all day long but let’s pretend for a minute that at 6pm on the dot, you always turn on the evening news. Then, one day at 6pm you turn on the TV to find that the programming has changed. They’re showing an old episode of Frasier. The next day, it’s changed again. Confusing, isn’t it?

It’s really no different when you change your messaging and/or focus in your campaign. Here’s a tip: despite how busy we all are we still want consistency. We want to know exactly what we’re getting otherwise why waste our time?

Give your readers what they want then give it to them in a consistent fashion. Stay on message, on focus and keep to your topic. In other words if they’re expecting the evening news, don’t give ‘em Frasier. Don’t surprise your reader or your reader might surprise you by leaving.


  1. Sheila Deeth

    I guess so far I’ve been consistently inconsistent, but I don’t suppose that counts. I guess I could at least try to post at a regular time each day, but then I’d have to wonder what time was best. So far I’ve justified inconsistency with the excuse that I don’t know what I or my readers want – readers? Well, the mythical reader at least.

  2. Penny

    I know, it’s hard to keep managing all this isn’t it? Don’t get discouraged!! If you keep posting someone will read, I promise! 🙂

  3. Mary Jane Hurley Brant


    I appreciate consistency. Initially, when I first entered the blogging world, social networking world, and marketing world, I didn’t appreciate the vastness or even where specifically my postings and messages of hope would help and add value. I would guess this has been the case for many of us and it can lead to burn out, pull out or both.

    My publicist (Maureen O’Crean, MBA)once told me, “MJ, this is a marathon not a sprint.” Amen, I would say, Amen.



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