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by | Jan 21, 2010 | Book Marketing Basics

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We all think of the Internet as this global search tool and the importance of being listed “everywhere” – this is true but have you ever checked your local listings? If you aren’t sure what sites you’re listed on try looking at This site will tell you where you’re listed and how your listings are posted. You can also use the site to list your business, it’s free for the basic listing and around $30 a year for the enhanced version. You can also go to Yahoo local ( as well as Google local ( and add your company.

So why do you even care about local search? Well getting a good local listing can also help give you another opportunity to appear in your favorite search engine. Even if your company is “global” as many companies are these days, this local search is still a good thing to have.


  1. Penny

    You are right! Fixed, thanks for the catch!


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