Who's Your Audience?

by | Nov 18, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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We all know to “know your reader” but do you really know them? For example if you’re writing a YA book, have you had young adults reading and critiquing it? And here’s another tip, if you are make sure they don’t live with you or are friendly with your kids, neighbors, pets, etc. Make sure that whoever is on your critique “team” that they can be objective. Also, remember that if you’re looking for real feedback, you might want to consider getting anonymous feedback. It’s hard to be candid when you’re eye to eye with your survey team. Give them the option to be 100% honest by doing a survey or feedback form through sites like surveymonkey.com. Most important though, make sure that whoever you’re writing for is on your team. Their feedback could be crucial to the success of your book!


  1. Sheila Deeth

    Good advice. I probably don’t know many people in my target audience for kids books ’cause they went and grew up.

  2. Alice

    Okay, how do you find that target audience online so you can send them a survey?


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