Bookselling By the Numbers

by | Sep 14, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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A Publishers Weekly article looked at the breakdown of bookselling and the influence an online campaign might have on sales. Consider this:

Their research cites that online marketing is especially important to fiction titles. According to this study, 21% of book buyers said they learned of books they wanted to buy from online promotion. This vs. 13% who learned of these titles through other means (i.e. reviews, etc.) .

And to the importance of an author’s platform: a whopping 28% of readers said they chose a book because of the author, while only 9% of readers bought because of subject.

(Publishers Weekly, July 20, 2009)


  1. Edward Atkins


    If I can’t get people tp my website how can I get them to my blog?

    Thank you.

  2. Patricia A. Zimmerman

    Hi Penny, Everything I read about SMM is great but I am a computer idiot. Please contact me asap and come to my aid. Sincerely, P.A. ZIMMERMAN

  3. Jerry Govan

    We just did a Video Trailer with Amazon. It is part of our author identification. It is now posted, and we will keep you posted as to RESULTS.


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