Social Media did you know?

by | Sep 8, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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While getting on TV or a major radio or publication has clout and cache, social media has proven to more effectively engage with your *interested* consumers: meaning those ready to buy. That’s not always the case with traditional media anymore.


  1. Kathi Calahan

    Hi, I so enjoy your tips, thank you. I’ve found that on Twitter, for example, there are so many people who “follow” me, but their numbers show they are following thousands of others. It’s impossible for one company to stay up to date on thousands of tweets, so my take on it is that they are on Twitter strictly for marketing their own business. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks again.

  2. Don Lafferty

    I agree, Penny, although it’s not easy to measure yet. Hope to see you at the 140 Characters conference next week.

    Kathy, get Tweetdeck or some other Twitter application and it’ll open your eyes like nobody’s business.


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