The bestsellers of Kindle

by | Jul 27, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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Looks like the books that sell well on Kindle won’t just fad into oblivion as far as sales figures go. Starting last Thursday USA Today announced that it will include those sales figures in its bestseller numbers.

Ebooks on a bestseller list…who would have thought? Certainly no one in New York. It’s a whole new world.


  1. Candy

    The bigger question, in my mind anyway, is if they will include the free ones that Amazon gives away. For instance, Paranoia has been free for a while, as has Weapons of Choice, etc etc… interesting.

  2. Penny Sansevieri

    Hey Candy, that’s a very interesting point. I think Chris Anderson’s book FREE is also free on Kindle too, wonder if that will be included…


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