Are You Blogging at the Wrong Time?

by | Apr 13, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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When it comes to blogging, timing is everything. We often see this in the popularity of blogs based on what time they are posted. But how can you be sure you’re posting at the right time? There’s a rule of thumb that says post early by EST standards. Around 8am EST is generally a good time, that tends to be peak time for surfers reading blogs. But your site may have an entirely different demographic. So why would you care about timing your blogs? Well first off you want to be sure and maximize the traffic and pull more readers into your blog. Also, in order to maximize the viral aspect of your posts, you want to capture as much attention for them as you can. Posting them when traffic peaks on your site will always be your best bet.

In order to start your research, I recommend getting your web site stats and reviewing when the bulk of traffic visits your site. Studies show that traffic peaks during early hours and mostly weekdays, but you might find an entirely different perspective. For the Author Marketing Experts site I found that traffic tends to increase over the weekends when weekend-warrior writers are knuckling down to finish and publish their books. Also, if you’re looking to capture some noontime traffic, I’ve read a few blogs that say putting up a YouTube video just before noon when many folks go a-surfin’ is a great way to pull in additional traffic.

Timing your posts to match traffic might seem like a small thing, but the benefits to your site and the viral-ness of your message can be huge!


  1. Laura

    Thank you for sharing this insight, excellent tip and one I hadn’t considered much in terms of posting blogs.

    We’ve had great results using website stats to research timing for newsletter distribution and Adwords accounts for clients.

    Thanks again for all you share, your voice is much needed credentialing for the powerful platform of internet publicity for authors.

  2. Penny

    Hi Laura,

    I’m so glad you enjoy the posts and I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for reading and good luck with your campaign!


  3. Sharon Ball

    Very helpful information. I’m working on getting more indepth blog stats so that I can better analyze my blog activity.

  4. Mary Jane Hurley Brant

    Wonderful advice – as usual – from Penny Sansevieri whose book Red Hot Internet Publicity was one of my favorite gifts of all time.

  5. Teri Pinney

    As usual, wonderful advice. I always look forward to your contributions on Twitter.

  6. Penny

    Thanks Teri, I’m glad you enjoy my Tweets! 🙂



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