Marketing Lessons Learned in Line at your Local Grocery store

by | Mar 10, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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When was the last time you looked at the magazines in your grocery line? I mean really looked at them, not just scanned them for Brangalina references? Magazines are a great marketing tool and a great way to get some ideas for your own campaign. So how would you use this information? Well you can use it in web copy, book cover copy, and any marketing materials. Think about all the places you use words to draw the reader in, that’s what you should be focusing on. The next time you’re in line at  your grocery store, take a close look at magazines, you’ll find pieces of the following list in just about all of them:

Solve a problem: this is a big one and the #1 attractor to any magazine out there. Magazines know that if they’re not solving a problem for you, you’re not likely to buy them. A recent issue of Ladies Home Journal for example talked about how to use social networking to keep friendships strong. Why is this huge? Because social media is a buzz word now and staying connected to people is the primary source and use for social networking. You’ll also see a lot of money-related topics (living well on less, etc). Solve a problem, preferably a current one.

Tell stories: people love stories and remember more about what you’re selling when there’s a story attached to it. So weave your advice into a story or anecdotal piece. Magazines always use stories to and do so very well.

Speak directly to the reader: if you look at woman’s magazines (in particular) you’ll find lots of words like: you, our, I and we. This is done intentionally and helps personalize the experience and draw the reader in. Also you’ll notice that magazines never use complicated words that aren’t “lay person language” this again is intentional, don’t talk over your reader

There are many more things that magazines focus on but these are the majors and should get you a good head start on any copy you’re writing for your campaign. Remember, it’s all about your reader and not about you. Get your reader engaged in your message and you’re more likely to make a sale.


  1. Clara Gillow Clark

    Good tips for connecting with your targeted readership. I especially liked, “. . .it’s all about your reader and not about you.”

  2. Christine

    Penny, this is all so true. Whether you are a copy writer, marketing expert, speaker or author, you have to consider all of the aspects in creating great content.

    It is amazing how we know these things instinctively and yet when it comes to putting pen to paper we lose sight of our real purpose. I write about this in Why Speakers Fear Writing Books

    Thank you for your continued insights.


    Your Voice, Inc.

  3. Penny C Sansevieri

    Thanks for the feedback Christine, and great article, thanks for posting it!



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