Why Print Marketing Pieces Still Make Sense

by | Mar 7, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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Most of you probably know that we’re an almost- all Internet company. While we still do traditional marketing and publicity we believe that the Internet is the best way to get your marketing message out there. Yet we still believe in print marketing pieces. Why? Because while online communication is significant, don’t underestimate the power of the printed piece. Postcards, for example are still a big piece of how we market ourselves. We often send oversized postcards to agents and publishers because we think an oversized postcard (when done right) gets the kind of attention an email blast doesn’t. Also, because spam filters have been known to swallow Tokyo, the bolster of an added print piece to your marketing campaign makes sense. When your emails don’t get there, a printed marketing piece likely will. Also, while ebooks and all sorts of digital media are all the rage, studies show that we do process print better. So when planning how to market your book, consider blending both the on- and off-line worlds for an even better and more successful campaign!



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