A Great Way to Use Google Alerts!

by | Jan 26, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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Google Alerts Tip: Did someone write something good about your book, message, or service? Don’t forget to bookmark it through sites like Digg, Delicious, and Stumbled Upon, this will help drive more interest to your review and promote the site that reviewed you!


  1. Donna Govan

    Thanks Penny, we have so far signed up for Digg. Love working with you! Donna

  2. Penny

    Thanks, Donna — Your book is fabulous! Glad you liked this blog!

  3. Linda J Hutchinson

    Great site, Penny! I’ve added a link to your free classes at my website on the Links for Writers page. I love finding great places on the ‘Net for information the newbie writer, and the experienced writer, can use to enhance their writing careers.

  4. Penny

    Hey Linda, thank you for the plug – we really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the site! Penny



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