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by | Jan 15, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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Years ago I read a book called: “Say Please, Say Thank you” and it talked about the lost art of appreciation and gratitude. This translates into everything you do, especially when you’re trying to promote your book. Two words: Be grateful. Anyone who knows me knows that for me, gratitude is a huge thing but it’s more than just being grateful, it’s about saying thank you to anyone who helps you along the way, even if it’s not the kind of help you want. While it’s easy to say “Thank you” to a producer who features you on their show, it might not be so easy to say “thank you” to the marketing consultant who offered you feedback that wasn’t exactly what you wanted to hear (but that will help you in the long run) or the media person who didn’t invite you onto their show and took the time to tell you why. As far as thank you’s go, a handwritten thank you note is a lost art, why not revive it? And why not take it a step further. Get custom note printed with your book cover on them. That way you’re not only saying thank you but reminding the producer who you are (this is especially important for the national media who get pitched thousands of books a year).

I’ve spoken to numerous producers, media people, and consultants who have told me that a simple thank you, especially when the author didn’t get what they wanted, goes a long, long way and often, can wind up in an interview down the road. So when it comes to marketing, don’t forget your manners. Mom was right, saying please and thank you will get you a lot more than ever expected!


  1. Penny

    hey Morgan – that’s so true! You never know. I’ve seen countless closed doors open… be thankful, always!

  2. The_Adjuster

    Thank you. I am convinced that we can never be too often reminded to be courteouos. Furthermore, I appreciate your advice on other topics as well. I need to check Twitter more often, that is clear to me now.


  3. Penny C. Sansevieri

    Hey there – thanks for the feedback. Being polite is almost a lost art, isn’t it?

  4. Diane DiResta

    I couldn’t agree more. I once sent a handwritten note to an HR director for getting back to me about a project that was not going to move forward. So many people simply don’t return calls.

    She was so moved that she called to thank me and stated her confidence that we would do business in the future.

    In addition to sending handwritten notes, I discovered a card program that not only allows me to print my book cover as a postcard or card, I now take pictures of people with my blackberry, put it on a card and send it out.

    People love seeing themselves.

  5. Michelle Tennant

    (Sing my entry to the tune of a nursery rhyme Frere Jacques

    Please and thank you. Please and thank you. I say please. I say please. Do you say you’re thankful. Do you say you’re thankful. Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

    Mom was right. And as it turns out so was Ferry Jackie. I just wrote that. Yes, I did. Let’s be thankful. LOL.

  6. Emelia Cerri

    Thanks for the article. I really loved the read.



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