What to Do When Big Newspapers Fold

by | Jan 7, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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It’s happening more and more, big papers are shrinking or folding altogether. So what does this mean for you? This means that local relationships are paramount. Local papers, local dailies, even the freebie papers you normally ignore. With so much of us turning to the Internet for our national media, it can be surprising difficult to find specialized, localized news online. That’s where your local papers come in, many of them have web sites so you’ll feed the online machine too. Befriend them and give them content they can benefit from. The wave of the future will be a lot of specialized, localized media while the big ones continue to duke it out for your attention.


  1. Malcolm R. Campbell

    There are also some great relationships to be made with local and regional magazines. They focus on what’s happening outside our back doors and down the street. Among other things, they love doing reviews of local authors and they’re a great place for improving one’s article writing skills and getting that byline out into the public’s consciousness a little more often.


  2. Penny

    Yes that’s right, it’s so much easier to get the attention of your regional press. Starting local is always a great idea!

  3. Jamie

    Someone should tell the advertisers! ACN, owner of several local/regional papers across the nation, just filed for bankruptcy to reorganzie. Locals/regionals are just as beleagured as the large newspapers, and shrinking/disappearing just as fast.



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