A Fun Little Branding Tip!

by | Jan 4, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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Here’s a fun little marketing tip for your presentations. If you’re using a laptop why not get a skin for your cover that lists your book/company and URL? That way it’s always in front of your audience. You can order custom skins for your laptop, phone, blackberry, virtually anything from this site: http://www.skinit.com/. Happy Branding!


  1. Shane Belceto

    Love this tip Thank YOU much! Why not promote yourself rather then Dell or some computer company. I bett even stickers would work too … smiles

    ~Expect Miracles

  2. Penny

    That’s right and the skins look great, they really do!

  3. Ronald Earl WIlsher

    Waykewl idea, Miss Penny C!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoyed our visit yesterday.

    Keep the faith and keep being you!


    TrueBeliever & HopeDealer

  4. Scott Eisenhuth

    Hi, Saw your twit on Twitter. This is a great idea. It’s one of those it’s so simple why didn’t I think about that things.

    It puts your name out in front of possible clients and helps protect your laptop. Also thanks for the link for where we can get one.


    Scott Eisenhuth


  5. Penny

    Hey Scott, glad you enjoyed the tip. I’m getting one, I love this idea!

  6. Jo Lynne

    Thanks so much for this tip – I absolutely love it! This may have to be a small personal indulgence of the best kind; one that also helps to brand myself and my new book at events or when I’m simply out and about. Great info always, Penny. Really appreciate it.

    – Jo Lynne


  7. agnes dee

    What a great idea!

  8. Penny

    You’re welcome! I hope it comes in handy 🙂

  9. Lisa Marie Mary

    That’s an awesome idea! So simple – but, the thought never even crossed my mind!! I love it!!! 🙂


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