What to Do When Your Twitter Followers Leave You!

by | Jan 2, 2009 | Book Marketing Basics

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Ever wondered why some of your followers decide to unfollow you? Now you can find out what Tweets make them stay and which ones make them leave. Qwitter (http://useqwitter.com) is a free service that will ask you for your Twitter usename and email address then each time someone unfollows you the service will tell you who and at what point they left your tribe. More to the point, what post made them leave? Sometimes you’ll start to see a trends with various posts that either get you a lot of followers or cause you to lose a lot of steam with your peeps. Socialtoo.com will do this as well but Qwitter seems to be a bit more pinpoint so if you’re losing a lot of followers and want to know why, I would recommend joining Qwitter to find out!


  1. Penny

    UPDATE to this post, the URL is useqwitter.com

  2. Hope Clark

    I leave when someone tweets too much. Four or five per day is probably as much as I want to see. More than that and they gobble up my Twitter list and I can’t find other Tweeters I want to read, even with Tweetdeck. I call these bully-tweeters because they take over.

  3. Penny

    Very true, Hope – and as an aside – 4-5 tweets is the ideal number to get and keep followers!

  4. EC Sheedy

    I leave when someone tweets too much. Or the tweets have no personality.

  5. Patti DeNucci

    I leave when a)two tweeps start to banter and it really should be a DM or offline conversation (or geez, pick up the phone!), b) when obscenities or offensive material sneak into their tweets (or the blogs they recommend), c) when their tweets are boring, weird, to geeky, too sales & self centered, d) when it’s obvious they send automatic tweets that repeat after awhile, e) when they tweet obsessively, f) when they are just plain not interesting

  6. Tonya moore

    I leave when a person tweets to much.



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