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November 27, 2008 Issue #183


in this issue

— Note From The Editor

— A Surefire Way to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

— What’s Google Seeing When it Sees Your Site?

— How to Create Your Hook

— AME-University: Book Marketing, Publishing, and Internet Marketing classes

— Keep Track of Your Blog Visitors

— Looking for Someone Online?

— Convert Website Visitors to Customers

— Do I Really Need A Press Release?

— Make Your Website Easy to Understand

— Twellow for Tweeters

— Self Publishing Success Story on The Publishing Insiders

— Hits From the Red Hot Blog Tour

— NOW is the Time to Promote Your Book

— Research Trends in Your Topic

— Learn to Buzz Your Book!

— Check Out the CD in a Book Program

— Virtual Author Tour Successes

— Reader Tip!


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Note From The Editor


Welcome to another issue of the Book Marketing Expert Newsletter!

Dear Reader,

As you are surrounded by family, friends and good food, you’ll see we have the next course waiting for you: some of our best tips from the past year (part two will arrive on Christmas day). Now, more than ever, is the time to keep marketing your book, and with that in mind we took the best advice from 2008, including tips from our resident experts: AME’s Search Engine Marketing expert Susan Gilbert; media coach and radio producer Laura Holka; and web designer/author Jeniffer Thompson.

We hope these bite-sized tips won’t overstuff you, but motivate you to keep moving forward in the months ahead!

From us to you we, as always, wish you publishing success. Thanks for reading and being a part of the AME family!

Penny, Paula, Susan, Lauren, Alex and everyone at Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

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We offer great tips and insights, such as: ‘Successful Self-Publishing: Cooking With Trader Joe’s:’


A Surefire Way to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic


Write articles: believe it or not this is an incredible tool for driving traffic. Well-written, relevant articles can net quite a bit of activity to your web site. Don’t forget to add your URL in your byline. Articles should be 500 to 2,000 words in length. You can send articles to sites like: articlecity.com, goarticles.com, submityourarticles.com and ezinearticles.com.

What’s Google Seeing When it Sees Your Site?


If you’re curious to know what Google sees when it views your web site, here’s a quick way to find out: first, type your URL into the Google search bar like this www.amarketingexpert.com. When the site comes up you’ll see the word: cached. Click on that word, then click on “cached text only” – this will show you the keywords that Google can read. If you have a flash intro on your site, you’ll find that the spiders can’t see a lot of keywords. Check the keywords against those that do well in your market or represent your industry. Chances are you may want to make some keyword changes!

How to Create Your Hook


Creating your hook starts with assessing your expertise and figuring out how it matches up with the media outlets that you’re targeting.

Start with the most important points first or the “grab.”

* Write up key points

* Talk through your key points

* Prioritize

AME-University: Book Marketing, Publishing, and Internet Marketing classes


These free teleclasses from AME-University may be just the thing to get your book marketing savvy ramped up!

Getting Book Reviews

When: Thursday, December 4, 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Description: If you’re having a hard time getting your book reviewed, you won’t want to miss this class! We’ll teach you simple but effective ways to get your book into the hands of reviewers who will actually review it (as opposed to just saying they will). We’ll look at what a book review package should look like, what you must include and what no good kit should ever be without!

Creating a Stunning Press Kit (so the media will notice you!)

When: Thursday, December 11, 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Description: If creating a press kit has baffled you, then don’t miss this class! We’ll talk about everything from crafting the perfect press release, to creating your bio, questions and tip sheets. We’ll also talk about the things no good press kit should be without and what you should never include in a kit! If you’ve struggled with your own kit or just aren’t sure what they should look like, then this class is for you! BONUS: We’ll also learn about electronic press kits, online press rooms.

How to join in:

To sign up or learn more about these classes send an email to author@amarketingexpert.com.

The AME website has a complete class listing for handy reference: http://amarketingexpert.com/iclasses.html.

Missed a class? Here’s an easy way to catch up on past classes, go to: http://bookmkr.audioacrobat.com/download/49713933- a2ef-a9f6-4f98-376f0809e90b.mp3.

Keep Track of Your Blog Visitors


Are you tracking your blog traffic? Just as it is important to know who visits your web site, it is also important to know who visits your blog. MyBloglog is a free program (with a paid upgrade service) that will allow you to see where your readers are coming from, what links they click on and from which pages they are exiting. This is a great tool to help you hone your blogging skills and write great content for your audience.

Looking for Someone Online?


Trying to do research on someone? Check out Zoominfo.com, this site is packed with experts and just about anyone you might need information on (including yourself!)

Convert Website Visitors to Customers


Sign-up: getting your visitor to sign up for *something* is important. Why? Because studies have shown that surfers don’t often buy the first time they land on your site. Often they want to browse, shop, maybe bookmark you for later. If they bookmark you, you’ve lost a sale. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when someone bookmarks the Author Marketing Experts site but when they do, the likelihood of my being able to sell to them is minimal. Instead, I get them into the AME funnel by encouraging prospective customers to sign up for something they want, i.e. our Book Marketing Expert Newsletter. And then to encourage them even further, we actually give them something for signing up: our Top 50 Media contact list. So if you’re not asking for a sign-up, you might want to reconsider this. Then, give them an ethical bribe in return: give them something they want. Don’t just throw a freebie at them and expect your visitor to jump for joy. Here’s a clue: if you wouldn’t want the freebie, it’s likely they won’t either.

Do I Really Need A Press Release?


Yes, the press release may serve as your first impression. Make it topical, timely and interesting to catch a producer’s interest.

The first paragraph should be informative, interesting and short! Why is your book important or entertaining, why should our audience care and why would you be a great interview?

In the second, short paragraph cover what you do and why you wrote the book. Be sure to mention the name of your book often, whether in quotes or bold print. The conclusion of the press release needs to provide your contact information, website, email address, etc.

Use quotes, bold print, different colors, etc. throughout the release to get the attention of producers and media bookers.

Make Your Website Easy to Understand


How can you communicate in a way that will make sure you are understood every single time?

1. Use simple words

2. Make it snappy – Short sentences, short paragraphs

3. Be visual – a picture is worth many words

4. Say what you mean

5. Freshen up – Make your message new

6. WIIFM – Answer “What’s in it for me?”

Twellow for Tweeters


Do you Twitter? Check out this – a Twitter based social networking site called Twellow. There you can create a profile and categorize yourself. They currently have a Publishing category, which has lots of room for new members. This site is being ranked by Google so it seems like a good place to grab a link back to your site and increase your exposure.

Self Publishing Success Story on The Publishing Insiders


Be in the know and hear what the publishing insiders: Penny Sansevieri, CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., and special guests Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati, authors of Cooking with all things Trader Joe’s, have to offer in terms of tips and insights into the industry! Listen http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ThePublishingInsiders/2 008/11/26/The-Publishing-Insiders-Special-Guests- authors-of-Cooking-with-Trader-Joes.

Hits From the Red Hot Blog Tour


Seven bestsellers can’t be wrong! In the past six months seven of the books we’ve put into our Internet campaigns have hit the New York Times bestseller lists. Will your book be next? Our Red Hot Blog Tour will get you the kind of action you never thought possible. We’ll tour your book on high-traffic blogs with links back to your site. If you’re ready to promote your book on the ‘Net, try our Red Hot Blog Tour today! For more information send us an email at info@amarketingexpert.com

NOW is the Time to Promote Your Book


Looking for inexpensive ways to promote your book? We’ve just developed and launched an exciting series of budget-friendly programs that still pack a powerful punch! Think you can’t market your book in a tough economy? Think again – we’ve got the answer! Email us for more details: info@amarketingexpert.com.

Research Trends in Your Topic


If you’re wondering what the world’s interest is in your topic, there’s now a quick and easy way to find out. Head on over to Google Trends: www.google.com/trends, and plug in your keywords to see who’s been searching on your keywords. This system will also show you news stories that have run on this topic as well as top cities and regions that have used these search terms.

Learn to Buzz Your Book!


We’ve designed our products with your success in mind! Regardless of where you are in your publishing journey, we’ve got a product that will suit your needs. Check out our books, special reports, and our audio programs, all designed to help you reach publishing success!


Check Out the CD in a Book Program


Enhance your book with a “CD in a Book” program. Give voice to your poetry, story, or text, with your inflections that will bring new meaning to your words. Include a CD with narrative, color photos, maps, forms or worksheets, all computer friendly and printer ready. For works of Non-Fiction, record in-person interviews. Historical works will benefit from colorful images of the period, exhibited in a slide show. The only limits are your imagination. The CD is securely attached to the inside back cover in a tamper proof Mylar sleeve. Visit www.infinitypublishing.com for details.

Virtual Author Tour Successes


If you’re still not convinced that the Virtual Author Tour (TM) pays off, consider these examples: A social networking page we built on Squidoo for one title we worked with, Rules for Renegades, became so successful it actually outranked her books page on Amazon. And for another book, our video tour gave Alex Webster and the Gods 3,500 new incoming links to his website; at the start of the tour he had practically no visitors to his site.

If you haven’t considered touring yourself virtually, you might want to. For more information on how we conduct our Virtual Author Tour (TM), send a quick email to: virtualauthortours@getresponse.com

Reader Tip!


If you’ve got a Reader Tip you’d like to share, please send it to penny@amarketingexpert.com with the subject line “reader tip.” Submissions should be 75 words or less.



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