Oprah endorses Kindle – what this means for you!

by | Oct 28, 2008 | Book Marketing Basics

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It used to be that when Oprah endorsed something, it flew off the shelves (remember those UGG boots?). But it would seem of late that Oprah’s brand has softened a bit. Say it ain’t so! I think it’s true, while her stamp of approval is a dream come true for any book or author, the fact of the matter is that people are also holding onto their purse strings a bit tighter too so when Oprah pushes the almost $400 Kindle, many in the audience wondered how they could afford it. Still, the Oprah brand does have clout and fatigued or not, the Kindle still did well in overnight ratings after her show aired last Friday. So where does that leave you, the author? Well, if you’re not on Kindle you should be. It’s an easy process albeit a bit tedious. Here’s the link to get you started: http://dtp.amazon.com/mn/signin

Kindle is growing, there’s no doubt about it. I love mine and couldn’t be without it now.

Information Week did a piece on this too.


  1. Yvonne Perry

    Glad to hear Oprah endorses Kindle. Now if Amazon.com would only reduce the price so the average person could justify it.

  2. Marlive Harris

    My husband bought me a Kindle earlier this year as a gift and once I started using it, I now want all of my reading material to come in this format — LOL!

    But as you’ve stated, paying $400 for this item when everyone is struggling financially to stay afloat these days is definitey going to be the reason why O’s blessing on this product is not having the impact it normally would for Amazon if our economy was healthier.

    But I do believe despite what is going on with our economy, authors should make sure their books are available in this format for there are thousands of us Kindle users who love this product and will continue purchasing and reading books this way.

  3. Penny

    And by the way, was doing a call with Paula Krapf in our office and she said that FREE books on Kindle do insanely well – so offer a free book (one that leads to your paid on) and see what happens. Put the paid book on Kindle too, the free one could be a shorter/special report…


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