The Sky is Falling: it's a great time to promote

by | Sep 26, 2008 | Book Marketing Basics

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It may seem counter intuitive but here’s the deal: now is a great time to promote your book. Dig in, promote, get out there, do your thing. Sure, you can stick your head in the sand or, like Chicken Little, run around screaming that the sky is falling but guess what? Everyone else is doing the same thing. This isn’t about denial, this isn’t about pretending that the economic stuff isn’t happening. This is about opportunity. When bad stuff happens people retreat and you know what? Now is a perfect time for you to advance your mission. Get out there while the stage is bare.

After September 11th happened I infused Author Marketing Experts with ideas, capital and an exciting new direction. Up till then we had meandered along, doing our thing but never standing out. While everyone was waiting for the world to end, I decided to make my own world. Everyone thought I was crazy. What was the point? Everyone was pointless. Now, seven years later here we are – still going strong. Yes, this is a very different situation, I agree. But except for keeping a few mothballs company, hiding in the closet never benefited anyone. Get out, go forward and do your thing. There is always opportunity in every challenging situation. Go out and find it.


  1. Jeanene Robinson

    Totally agree. Our online furniture company has just hired two more people as we get ready to expand our market base in order to catch a greater market share. New and varied products for our clients will translate into more sales – hopefully to more people.

  2. Penny

    Thanks for your comment Jeanene! I’m so glad you’re having such success. It’s a great time to focus on new programs and new ways to promote!


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