Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

by | Sep 7, 2008 | Book Marketing Basics

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How good are you at staying in touch with your readers/customers/prospects? Do you email them regularly? Do you ever send them regular mail? While the US Postal service has suffered it’s share of dings (helloooo snail mail) it’s still not a bad thing to have in your arsenal as you’re putting together your marketing plan. See, here’s the thing. As a customer, if you don’t stay in touch with me I’ll forget who you are. Sorry, I know that sounds mean but it’s the truth. I was reminded of this today when I got a newsletter from an author I hadn’t heard from in ages. At first I wanted to delete it or relegate it to my spam folder, then I remembered who it was and thought: “Why don’t they write more?”

So how often do you write? Having an email newsletter is great but what’s the sense of having a (snail) mail list if you don’t ever use it? While we do spend more time than ever on the web, snail mail is still a nice touch and a great way to get in front of your audience again (and again). We do mailings at least once a quarter. We send our postcards about our Internet Programs, our books, or whatever it is that we’re promoting at that time. We also have our newsletter that goes out once every two weeks. It’s a lot of work, yes – but it’s 100% worth it. If you have a newsletter that you only send a few times a year what’s the point? It’s sort of like blogging once a quarter. Marketing is a conversation, in order to stay in touch with your audience you’ve got to keep the conversation going. If you don’t remember this: conversations evaporate.

Remember that the worst thing you can become is one of those “Wait, wait, don’t tell me, I know who this is…” people. To stay in front of your audience you’ve got to do a lot more than drop by every once in a while. As they say, keep those cards and letters coming and in turn, you’ll keep your readers/customers flocking to your (sales) door.


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