The Best Promotional Tool on Amazon is Free (well, almost)

by | Jul 21, 2008 | Book Marketing Basics

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If you’ve ever bought a book on Amazon (and who hasn’t) you know that aside from the paid for promotion on the site, much of the sales are driven by reviews. So here’s how you can use this system to gain attention for your own book. First, find a high-ranking book in your market. Next, make sure you’re a registered reviewer on Amazon. This means that you have a profile, as long as you have a profile you can review the book. Third, buy the book and read it. No, I’m not kidding. Don’t just write a review on a book you haven’t read. Once you’ve read it (and assuming you like it) then pop on over and write a review. When you do keep this in mind: either in your email signature line or somewhere in the review you’ll want to reference your book title and always, always write the review not from the reader’s perspective but that of an authority on the subject. Often you’ll find that readers of a particular topic will buy everything they can find on that topic so if they see your book referenced and your “take” on this title, you could make a sale too!


  1. Charles Jacobs

    Great recommendation,as so many of yours are. Unfortunately, far too many authors never take advantage of the tools Amazon offers. Although my latest book “The Writer Within You” has been listed on the site since last October, I am just beginning to learn and to use so many of these tools thanks to Brent Sampson’s great new book “Sell Your Book on Amazon.”

  2. Darlene Bauer

    Thanks, I love these ideas. My book, “Host or Hostage? A Guide for Surviving House Guests,” will

    be out in about six months. In the meantime, I’m paying attention to all marketing tips.


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