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by | Jul 3, 2008 | Book Marketing Basics

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A friend of mine and I went to the San Diego Fair this past Sunday. Being a relatively new homeowner one of my favorite places to visit is their big home and garden tent. As we meandered down the aisles my friend stopped to view a demonstration of gardening sheers. “How to they compare with X-Brand?” She asked, inquiring about one of the leading brands in this market. The demonstrator’s response? “What’s that?”

He didn’t know his competition.

Now, we don’t expect you to know *everything* but not knowing who your competition is (especially when the market is fairly small like this one) can really damage your credibility. As a marketing person, this guy lost my attention the minute he admitted to not knowing who the other company was. As we walked away my friend said “I found it odd that he didn’t know about Brand-X, didn’t you?” She’s not even in marketing and it struck her. Needless to say, despite the great demonstration she left the sheers at the fair.

One more lost sale. Why? She admitted to me: “How good could they be if they don’t know who their competition is?”

Right on.

Know who’s in your space or know you might lose a sale.

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  1. Stephanie | Home Improvement Corner

    With so many blogs coming and going nowadays and some not ever even being updated, I have bumped into many deserted blogs. Either due to procrastination or abandonment, there are many good blogs that have been neglected. Many bloggers migrate to new blogs, without deleting old accounts, as in, leaving town with no forwarding address. It’s nice to run across one like yours that is informative and current. I enjoyed your post and I will return to see the latest and greatest as it unfolds. Thanks for the information and for the entertainment.


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