My Second Life

by | Mar 2, 2008 | Book Marketing Basics

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I have a second life now. Apparently I didn’t have enough challenges with my first life, now I have a second one, well sort of. I recently taught a class on Second Life ( it’s an exceptionally cool virtual reality site. The class I taught was for Aliza Sherman aka Blog Queen – it was a terrific experience. Ok, odd but pretty amazing. I even have a Second Life name (which is tres goofy and no, I’m not telling anyone what it is – not till I get a name change anyway). If I buy the Second Life version of money, I’ll be able to go shopping, get my hair done, and, and, and…no wait. Let me spend some time in my real life first…

Consider this though…if the idea of a virtual life doesn’t make you think of Saundra Bullock and The Net (and all the drama that ensued)…why not create your own virtual community or events? Second Life could be the next BIG thing to marketing to your niches.


  1. Eileen DeClemente

    I would like to research this second life it sounds very interesting. Could you explain what you mean by creating my own vitual community or events?

  2. sathish

    What an interesting way to get people interested in reading! Book trailers are like movie trailers, but for books! You can find them all over the internet now, but here is a site that’s featuring them on YouTube.


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