A Google Book Event!

by | Feb 7, 2008 | Book Marketing Basics

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Ready to tell the world you wrote a book? Why not start with Google instead? Google is hosting Google Author Talks bringing authors (and their books) to their Mountain View offices (also New York and Santa Monica) for a book discussion, reading, or lecture. Think you’ve got what it takes to present to googlers? Then head on over to: http://www.google.com/talks/authors/index.html and sign up today!

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  1. Book Marketing Newbie

    That would be so cool to talk directly to Google, but I don’t know if they would be into my history books. If I had some red-hot marketing book, I would sure try and see if I had what Google wanted. Thanks for letting me know about this feature.

  2. Penny

    Hi Book Marketing Newbie, you might give them a try – you never know till you ask! Good luck, Penny

  3. Annie B Lawrence

    Wow, great tip and opportunity to get some free coverage for our books. Thanks Penny

  4. Penny

    You’re welcome Annie – please let us know if you get an event (be sure to post it as a comment on the blog)!


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