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by | Jan 10, 2008 | Book Marketing Basics

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So you have a newsletter – great! But now you’re wondering how you’ll get subscribers. Here are a few quick tips to help grow your subscriber list and bring more people into your fabulous marketing funnel!

1) Make sure you have an ethical bribe: this is something you give to get something. A free eBook, special report, whatever it is it must have value to your reader. If it doesn’t you won’t attract new subscribers. The idea is that if they want the freebie they have to give you their email address.

2) Create some “Top 10 Tips” articles: People love those “Top 10 Ways to…” articles so why not create some of your own. Even if you’re a fiction author you can still offer suggestions for top ten ways to get published, simple solutions for character development, research, etc. If you’re stumped for ideas consider this: add the following words to the end of the title string “Top 10 Tips to…” Create, Solve, Prepare, Start, Prevent, Save, Improve. These should get you started!

3) I tell authors this over and over again and I’m surprised how many folks still forget to do this. Your email signature line may be your most powerful asset. Always include a link to the subscribe page for your ezine (if it’s on your home page refer them there) – don’t forget to tell them about the fabulous freebie they’ll get just for subscribing!


  1. Annie B Lawrence

    Love your blog. I find it full of great information that I put into action. I will be changing my email signature this minute. Great tip.

    Annie B Lawrence

    Love’s Secret Live Your Life In Love

  2. Penny

    Thanks, Annie! I’m glad you enjoy the blog!


  3. Patricia Harrington


    I’ve followed your great column and just begun to check out your blog . . . I know, I know, shame on me. Missing an opportunity. I’ll try to get back to doing a newsletter and your tips are really helpful. Especially the one about offering a freebie tip sheet.

    I’m thinking of a title: Tips on Tipping for Writes: With Helpful Ideas sp Bucks Will Follow.

    Well, that is a bit long.


    Pat Harrington, Mystery Author

    Bridget O’Hern Amateur Detective Series

  4. Marilyn H. Collins

    My blog – gives a quick Five-Step kick start to those writing a local/regional history or to someone tasked with writing their church, family, organization, or sports team history. Easy to follow and fun to do. Thanks for your site.

  5. Penny

    Thanks for the comment and for the visit! Enjoy the site!

  6. Melissa Langer

    Hi Penny

    I just wnated to thank you for your wonderful newsletters and valuable advice about how to create my own success.

    I appreciate all that you do.

    Melissa Langer

    Uncommon Pug and Dog Art

  7. Penny

    Thank you, Melissa! I’m so glad you enjoy our site and newsletter – Wishing you publishing success! Penny (PS Love your site!)

  8. Terry Finley

    Thanks. That will put a fire under

    my newsletter.

  9. Penny

    Hi Terry – great! I’m glad this was helpful. A newsletter is a fantastic way to promote yourself and your book!

  10. Rob Daniel

    Great stuff Annie, Thanks

    Sorry you won’t be at the Whidbey conference this year.

  11. Penny

    Me too, I wish I could go to Whidbey – I LOVE that conference…. thanks for reading!


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