Big Media is Dead

by | Dec 5, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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Ok, I this is a big statement. Scary but true. Big media is making way for everyone online and the biggest piece of this is interest generated via consumer buzz. Before you launch headlong into your offline marketing plan consider this:

Consumers want access to content, not media

Big media has lost the “under 25” crowd, probably forever

Specialized blogs capture users 4-1 over traditional media sites

Managers, CEOs, Presidents head to the `Net for the information they need

So what does this mean for you? Don’t overlook the Internet. Get out to blogs, web sites, and ezines and dig, dig, dig for your market.

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  1. Linda Salisbury

    As the author of the Bailey Fish Adventure series for kids, I use the Internet to research historical information embedded in my fictional action adventures. That often leads me to books that I purchase that I never would have found through traditional sources. Through my blog, I’m also able to generate publicity for my books, including information about book signings and author tours that I would never be able to afford to purchase in print media (costs have skyrocketed as we all know). The way we get our information is changing, and as authors–even the older print-oriented generation–we need to adapt and take advantage of it.

    Linda Salisbury


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