Book Reviews Work (and here's why)!

by | Oct 11, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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Did you know that while advertising dollars are shrinking for magazines and newspapers they make even less sense online? Studies show that when a consumer is reading, doing research, or just stumbling on a book, message, or product they aren’t persuaded to buy it by seeing an ad. Instead we found that reviews can move mountains (and sales). We often forget to get reviews from happy customers but it’s an important part of making the sale! So when folks discuss whether book reviews work or not, consider this: reviews sell books because what someone else says about your book, message, or product is 1000 times more effective than anything you (or an ad) can say!

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  1. Grace Reddick

    Your website is very informative. I appreciate all I am able to collect in order to help me promot my newly published children’s




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