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by | Jul 26, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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We keep hearing about social networking and at just about every publishing conference the words “MySpace” comes up. But what is social networking, really? It’s a way of connecting to others who share your personal or professional interests using a web site. MySpace and Squidoo are two example of red hot social networking sites. But is social networking important? You bet it is. Why? According to our firm’s SEO expert, Susan Gilbert: “Social networking is becoming a critical component of information flow on the Internet. Over 400 million people are involved with a social networking website and you can really change the level of success for your own web site by driving traffic to it via a social networking site.”

“They are now an important method for making both social and business contacts regardless of the type of business you are in. Sites like http://www.linkedin.com and http://www.ryze.com are becoming valuable resources. Also, you can use their power to change the level of success for your website. Sites like http://del.icio.us and http://www.stumbleupon.com are driving massive amounts of traffic to commercial websites.”

Here’s a list of the hottest social networking sites (and how they can help your business): http://www.joomlajump.com/content/view/118/74/

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