Best Day to Email: Wednesday!

by | Jul 16, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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Ever wondered if there’s actually a good day to send email? Well as it turns out there is. A recent report by Marketing Charts indicated that click rates were higher on Wednesday followed by Thursdays and Mondays.


  1. Erin Blaskie

    Great statistic!

    I agree with it for the most part – I generally delete all e-mails that are not important on Monday and Tuesday (ezines, newsletters, etc.) I generally have my most productive day on Wednesday and read the most e-mails on Wednesday as well.

    I tend to find Friday is spent reading blogs, e-mail and catching up as I don’t really schedule calls, etc. on Fridays. So for me, another good day to receive e-mail would be Friday.


  2. Penny

    Yes you’re right Erin, Friday is another good day – and Saturday morning when everyone else is still asleep!



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