LA Times Expected to Cut 150 Jobs (what this means for you)

by | Apr 23, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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Everyday we see signs of it: traditional media is failing or rather, they’re failing to embrace the change that is inevitable. With so much national news content being accessible online, print media can’t compete. Here’s my prediction though: the smart print forces out there will start to realize that national coverage is covered by online media and the nightly news. What is lacking in coverage is regional media. If papers like the LA Times and Chicago Tribune (which also announced lay offs) were smart they’d refocus and become the hub for everything and anything local. Local news tends to be more celeb driven and the outcry for local stories is huge. So how can you help get this message across? Well, why not pitch your local papers all the local stories they can handle and see what happens. The further we get down into this “long tail” the more we’ll see niche papers succeed.

Here’s the article from today’s LA Times.


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