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by | Jan 23, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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You’ve heard of vanity license plates now there are vanity URL’s. So what’s a vanity URL? Well, you probably already have a URL for yourself, your book and/or your business, right? So what happens when you start developing specific product or new titles, do you direct them all to your web site’s home page? Do you create a new web site? Well, you could do both but consider this. If you’re sending people to your home page you’ll want to be sure that whatever you’re promoting is taking center stage, if you make customers dig around to find what they’re looking for they probably won’t spend the time. Getting a vanity URL, a domain name specific to your book title or product and then redirecting it to point right to the page in question will get them to where they want to be much faster. So let’s say you are promoting an audio cd tied to your book and it’s called: Putting Together Your Family Tree, you might want to get the URL: and then point it directly to the product page.


  1. Erin Blaskie

    I totally agree! I have so many “vanity URLs” that point to various pages and sometimes the exact same page! All of my URLs point somewhere because a lot of people will go to their web browser’s address bar and just type in what they are searching for. If your URL is indexed in Google – presto – they land at your site and you receive qualified, interested leads. So, rather than let them sit in GoDaddy parked and not forwarded, I’ve put them to good use!

  2. Yvonne Perry

    I did this for my upcoming book Right to Recover, Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. I bought a domain name and directed it to a blog I set up to offer information about stem cell research as well as a future point of sales.

    Also, because my podcast is named Writers in the Sky, I had many people trying to find me on the Web using that as a key word. I bought a domain name and directed it to my home page.

    Thanks for the tip!

    Yvonne Perry


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