Are you pitching podcasts?

by | Jan 17, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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Recent studies indicate that podcasts are growing in popularity, more and more American are downloading and listening to them so why not add podcasts to your list of places to pitch? If you’re not sure where to start head on over to or iTunes and look for podcasts in your category, then listen to them and decide which ones would be right for your book and message. You can easily get the host’s contact information from the podcast or their web site, both of which should be listed under each podcast description.


  1. John Wolf

    I would be podcasting if I could get past the production costs. Any suggestions to minimize the initial cost of getting the recording done? I’m not the best speaker in the world. My voice frightens little children.

  2. Penny

    Hey John – check out for some inexpensive recording options. And maybe voice over lessons? 🙂 Good luck! Penny

  3. Magdalena Ball

    Hi John (and Penny), for a cheap (doesn’t get much cheaper than free) but classy podcast option try blogtalkradio. The link for my name above goes directly to my own podcast (just to give you an idea), which cost me nothing to set up and the recording technology is built in. You just phone in (using Skype if you don’t want to spend much), call your guest in, and you’re off. There are already automated links to itunes and so on, so it’s very easy (while setting up from scratch isn’t). But I think Penny was actually talking about pitching to existing podcasts (great tip), rather than doing your own. I’m going over now to see who I can pitch to. As for your voice, perhaps you should consider writing horror — the scary voice would be an asset then. All the best. Maggie


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