Web Site Myths Exposed!

by | Jan 13, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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If you do a lot of surfing you probably know that web sites come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be helpful while others do nothing else but push the brand. We like to think that ours is somewhere in the middle and I don’t know about you but I have an aversion to landing on a site that’s very ego-based meaning that it’s all about the owner and very little about the consumer they’re trying to target. Did you know that’s Myth #1? Online marketers will tell you to push your name and your brand every chance you get but recent studies indicate that this is not so. Sure, it’s ok to mention your book, product, or company but not to the point of being advertorial. Be helpful on your web site and draw people in. Myth #2 says that the more copy you have on your web site the quicker you’ll lose your customer. Don’t bury your most important message a paragraph or two down because no one will take the time to find it. And finally, we keep hearing that everything must be above the fold, meaning that your entire site should consist of whatever can be viewed on one screen. Surprise! This isn’t as true as most Internet marketers once thought. Keep your home page copy interesting and relevant and you’ll find that people will keep scrolling and reading.


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