Are you getting YouTubed?

by | Jan 2, 2007 | Book Marketing Basics

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Have you seen those spiffy remote-controlled helicopters? As it turns out, were all during the 2006 holiday season. Why? Sure, they’re fun, but even more important, they were YouTubed. The helicopters were largely ignored by consumers until a video of a cat chasing the helicopter landed on YouTube and was passed from consumer to consumer.

So, have you been YouTubed? If not, you may want to be. If you’ve got a funny, informative or interesting video about your book, why not load it onto YouTube? Besides, viral studies have shown that video is the surest new way to promote your book.

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  1. Dorothy Thompson

    This is really great advice, Penny. I’m trying to tell everyone I know to go this route, too. I’ve got one up at YouTube, and another thing you want to think about is finding more places to put your book trailer…yahoo video, google video and Myspace all take book trailers. ;o)


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