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You’d think after writing four books (and several updated versions of each of them) this whole writing thing would start to get easier. It doesn’t. As you may know, back in March I signed with a publisher, my first. Up till that point I was happily self-published. Now, I was headed into an exciting new direction; the only glitch was I had to rewrite two of my books and write (from scratch) my fifth book (Red Hot Internet Publicity). Between running a thriving business, developing new marketing programs, speaking at writers’ conferences and well, just life, I had about 3 minutes left to write – usually around 1:58 a.m. So there I was with this mountainous task ahead of me. And let’s not forget this little tidbit: being in the industry of publishing and book marketing I don’t have the luxury of screwing up. Whatever I delivered had to be spot-on perfection. No pressure, right? Oh, and did I mention that in the midst of this I bought a house and moved? (Next time I’ll opt to spend 3 weeks on a deserted island with an IRS auditor, I’m guessing it’ll be more fun than being in escrow). Well, despite all of that, I finally did it. Don’t ask me how, for the most part I think I just closed my eyes, jumped and hoped for a safe landing. But the books are done, all three of them, and you know what? They’re not good, they’re great.

I realized during this time that it never gets any easier, no matter how many books you write or how long you’ve been in the industry. It’s always tough. So why do I stay in it? Because I love it, every heart stopping and (sometimes) mind-numbing minute of it. I’m grateful to Morgan James Publishing for thinking my stuff was worthy of their imprint and I’m grateful for the marketing ideas that somehow kept generating despite the pressure of writing three books at the same time, the joy of escrow, and wanting to throttle the movers who said (repeatedly) “Gee lady, you got a lot of books.” Yeah, I got books, I’m in the business and books are my life.

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