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by | Aug 8, 2006 | Book Marketing Basics

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Have you ever wondered where those magazines get the items they give away? Perhaps greedy advertisers looking for additional product placement? Well, sometimes. But most of the time those magazines are eager to find product for the monthly giveaways they do. Why not your book? Next time you’re in the grocery story pick up a few magazines that have monthly giveaways and see how you can pitch your book or product for a placement in one of their upcoming issues!

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  1. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

    Penny, this is a fabulous idea and it works for booklet publishers, too.

    Paulette Ensign, who taught me all about booklets, said you can also approach magazines and suggest that they buy your booklets in bulk and give them as a free gift for readers who renew their subscriptions. I suppose you could do the same thing with a book.


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