Is Your Media Room Media Friendly?

by | Aug 2, 2006 | Book Marketing Basics

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If you’ve got a media room on your Web site (and you should), then you’ll want to make sure that it’s “media friendly.” If you want your media room to help drive the press to you and your topic, give them all the tools they’ll need to do their job. Here are some pieces you’ll want to have in your media room:

*How you can help the media:This is a great place to list all the topics you can comment on. This is especially helpful if a media person is perusing your site to see how you can help them on future stories.

*Your bio

*Your picture (in 300dpi)

*Your press releases

*Speaker topics (if any)

*Media appearances and mentions: we scan all print media and include it in a PDF format. If possible you might also want to link to broadcast interviews you’ve done as well.

Here’s a sample of our media room:


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