Would you Like Fries with That? (The power of the up sell)

by | Jul 5, 2006 | Book Marketing Basics

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Quite possibly one of the savviest marketing ideas came from whoever invented the line: “Would you like fries with that?” Why? Well, it’s the key to the up sell. Listen, you’re already in the drive-thru or at the burger stand, you’re engaged and involved in getting your food and while you’re in that “space” now you’re given another choice to give your purchase even more value. For as little as .79 cents you can now add fries to your order, it hardly requires any thought at all and the beauty is, when you up sell someone who’s already sold you’re more likely to get a yes. That’s the power of the up sell. While you’ve got someone in the “buying” frame of mind, give them the opportunity to get even more than they ever imagined. You’ll not only end up with a happy customer, you’ll end up with a bigger sale.This philosophy is especially true if you’re doing speaking and selling products in the back of the room. I sell audio and books, but when I partnered them in a way that became irresistible, my sales soared. I offered a 2nd book or cd for half the price, or a bonus cd when you bought the entire collection, or offered a free book when you purchased the entire collection. Think about the ways you can partner your products or, if need be, add to them to give your customer a better upsell experience. Purchase with purchase (PWP) works much the same way. Cosmetics companies are known for their purchase with purchase or their “gift,” which considering the price of cosmetics isn’t really a gift at all, it just seems that way.

Think about what type of a spin-off you can create based on your book, product or message that ties into the up sell theory. They key, however, is to create products that are companion pieces as opposed to mirrors of what you’re already selling. These products can then build on one another, each time adding additional value to each purchase.

Once you’ve created a series of products, make sure the store on your web site reflects this up sell as well. This means that when you list your products, partner them with their recommendations so your potential customers can see the value before they hit the check out and go away.

When it comes to creating a line of product or finding companion pieces to aid you in the up sell, there is no end to what you can develop. Audio product is always a good place to start, also consider workbooks, journals, or service packages.

Having a book is great, having a product line is even better. Keep turning new product ideas over in your mind and begin to create additions to compliment your book and enhance your message. So the next time someone lands on your site and orders your book instead of just saying “thank you for your purchase” you can also say: “Would you like fries with that?”

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  1. Mary Jane Hurley Brant

    This is a terrific idea. Now for those of us who presently only have one book available on Amazon and B & N I could offer a 30 minute private consultation with a concern the purchaser is struggling with. I no longer have my book in all the local book stores; it was just too much. Thanks, Penny, I’m going to think about it this possibility.



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