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May 4, 2006 Issue #117


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— Note From The Editor

— Serious Satellite Radio

— Where oh where are your articles?

— Striking Internet Gold: Do you Press the Issue?

— Virtual Author Tours (still not convinced?)

— Be Your Own Spy

— Internet Searches can Save the World

— Virtual Success: Is Your Expertise Working for You?

— When to publish? It’s all about timing.

— High Profile Publicity: From Menendez to Murphy, the Secrets to Great PR

— Expert Recommendation!

— Who We Are

Penny C. Sansevieri, Editor

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Note From The Editor


Dear Readers,

Welcome to another issue of the Book Marketing Expert Newsletter!

Well, we’ve got some exciting news!

Both my books: From Book to Bestseller and Get Published Today, have been picked up by a mainstream publisher. Also, my latest book: Striking Internet Gold (not yet published) was picked up as part of the package. Morgan James Publishing will be publishing these books in 2006!

This really speaks to the drum I always bang: if you want a traditional publisher to notice you, you must have a platform. I’ve been in the print-on-demand industry since its inception and support what it enables an author to do: get their work in print and get it noticed.

This week’s article on satellite radio could help you leverage some of that platform. What? You haven’t pitched satellite radio? Well, we hope this article will teach you what you need to know to get on the satellite airwaves!

Remember our January Magazine offer? Well it’s still running! And here’s one of the first interviews, check out David Steele in January Magazine: David Steele

Wishing you publishing success! Penny

P.S. Remember when we told you about our amazing success with our new Virtual Author Tours? Well we keep striking gold with these things and you can too! Check out the amazing success story below – you might want to rethink your marketing plan!


Serious Satellite Radio


The dynamics of media are changing drastically. TiVo has changed the way we watch TV and satellite radio has changed the dial on AM/FM, maybe for good. Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe relative to the staying power of satellite radio, one thing is for sure. The power the consumer now has to tune out commercials and have access to hundreds of stations cannot be understated and will likely change radio forever.

There are two giants in the satellite industry. XM Radio and Sirius Satellite radio currently dominate the scene. Each boasts a steady stream of music and talk, but XM it would seem, tops out at having the most stations (including talk). Sirius has 125 while XM has 160 to their credit. Sirius is probably best known for their coup of luring Howard Stern away from traditional radio to the satellite world, but they also have Martha Stewart and several other talk programs. To compete, XM announced in 2005 that it had closed a $55 million dollar deal to get Oprah on their nationwide airwaves. “Oprah and Friends” is set to debut in September of 2006, and Good Morning America just launched the radio version of their morning show too, giving XM quite a bit of buzz. When satellite radio first came on the scene it seemed like a novelty, something that would fade in time. But now, some three years into the satellite craze the listener base seems to be widening and with more and more new cars being sold with satellite radio already built in, the choice for many is clear. Most consumers will listen to a mix of traditional and satellite radio so pitching both makes sense. How do you pitch this type of radio? The same way you’d pitch traditional radio. Listen to their show, get a sense of their format and then contact the producer or host (depending on who takes pitches). If you’re not a subscriber to satellite radio and wonder how you can listen to a show you might want to check their individual web sites. Often you can subscribe to their webcasting that will allow you to listen to programming via the Internet, this way you can listen to the shows a few times without incurring the cost of the sign up and equipment. You can visit their respective websites at: and Here is a sampling of the shows on both stations that welcome pitches from authors.

The XM Radio Lineup

The Bob Edwards Show 1500 Eckington Pl NE, Ste 2 Washington, DC 20002-2164 Phone: (202) 380-4800 Fax: (202) 380-4801 Bob Edwards provides listeners with insightful, entertaining and provocative programming produced by some of the most respected names in public broadcasting. Partners include Public Radio International (PRI) and its station partners Chicago Public Radio and WGBH Boston; American Public Media (the production and distribution arm of Minnesota Public Radio); and Boston public radio station WBUR. This show airs daily at 8 a.m. EST and then rebroadcasts at 9 a.m. EST, 10 a.m. EST and 8 p.m. EST. Their target audience are listeners ages 18 through 34. Send your press releases, books or products to the following individual:

Ms. Andy Danyo, Producer Phone: (202) 380-4822 Fax: (202) 380-4801 Email: Pitching tips: Danyo is responsible for booking guests, conducting preliminary interviews, screening listener calls, researching show topics and reviewing all press submissions as Producer.

Life Love & Health 741 Tehama St San Francisco, CA 94103-3822 Phone: (415) 663-8428 Email: Homepage: Life Love & Health provides health and wellness information with celebrity stories and human drama. Life Love & Health requests that those interested in the program first listen to samples at the website before submitting pitches. Their segments run 90 seconds on various channels at various times throughout the day. They do not like phone calls and strongly encourage authors to listen to the show first before pitching. Send your press releases, books or products to the following individual:

Mr. Christopher Springmann, Host/Producer Phone: (415) 663-8428 Fax: (202) 380-4500 Email:

Mimi Geerges Show PO Box 267 Oakton, VA 22124-0267 Phone: (703) 251-3002 Email: Homepage: An independently produced talk radio program that features interviews with the country’s leading experts, authors, scientists and entertainers. The program presents a diversity of views on a wide array of topics. It strives to provide listeners with the information and insight to form their own views and opinions. Note that their lead times for news items are often 30 days prior to the air date. The show airs on Sunday from 9 to 10 p.m. Send your press releases, books or products to the following people:

Ms. Mimi Geerges, Host/Executive Producer Phone: (703) 251-3002 Fax: (202) 380-4500 Email: (m) Homepage:

Ms. Doris Abdel Messieh, Producer Phone: (703) 251-3002 Fax: (202) 380-4500 Email: Homepage:

The Sirius Satellite Radio Lineup

The Business Shrink 999 Bayhill Dr, Ste 165 San Bruno, CA 94066-3069 Join Peter Morris for sound advice to help your business be a success. He’ll not only give you advice on business strategies, he’ll offer his advice on the psychology of business. This show airs daily from 3 to 4 p.m. and covers anything related to business or finance. Send your press releases, books or products to the following individual:

Mr. Peter Laufer, Executive Producer Phone: (212) 584-5100 Fax: (212) 584-5300 Pitching Tips: Lauer oversees the entire production as Executive Producer. He is also host of National Geographic World Talk on PRI.

Whatever 1221 Avenue Of The Americas, Fl 26 New York, NY 10020-1001 Email: While the Ask Martha show on Sirius does not accept pitches, Martha’s daughter’s show will. Join Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppleman Hutt for a woman’s kind of talk show. They’ll talk about anything and everything from books to music, from personal relationships to whatever’s in the news today. Alexis’ mother Martha Stewart may even join the discussion. This show airs daily from noon to 2 p.m. Send your press releases, books or products to the following individuals:

Ms. Jennifer Kopplemann Hutt, Host Phone: (212) 584-5100 Fax: (212) 584-5300 Email: Pitching tips: Jennifer prefers to be contacted via US Mail.

Where oh where are your articles?


If you’ve posted articles on the Net you might want to see how they’re doing. Find out where your articles are posted by putting your URL between <> and popping it into the Google search box; here’s what it should look like:


Striking Internet Gold: Do you Press the Issue?


Do you take advantage of press releases? Many people overlook the power of the press release. If you write a great release announcing your book or a new direction you are heading in, and if it’s positioned properly, chances are good that a reporter will pick it up and run a story on you. Did you know that the media finds a large percentage of their story ideas on the Net? So, next time you release something newsworthy, submit it to online Press Release databases like these:

Here’s the really cool part – this will help your link popularity and when you submit to the Free Press Release Center (they allow you to also supply some keywords for your press release) you will drive traffic back to your site and increase your page ranking. When the page for that press release is viewed by someone, including the search engines, the keywords will be used to create links within your press release back to your website. You might also consider upgrading your account with companies like FPRC so that your press release remains in their system forever, always working for you.

As you write your press release, remember to optimize it for the keywords that are important for your site, book or company. Translation: when someone searches for information in your industry, your press release will be seen as relevant by the search engines.

Look for our next issue of Striking Internet Gold for tips on how you can optimize your press release for best results. Until then – start thinking of some great ways to position your book for the press and captivate the media.

Tip offered by Jeniffer Thompson of Monkey C Media


Virtual Author Tours (still not convinced?)


If you’re still not convinced that virtual author tours pay off consider this. A title we’re working with (Cookin’ for Love), which was featured in the July issue of MORE Magazine, soared to 18,000 on Amazon when it was featured in several blogs. We never got that kind of a spike – even after the MORE feature came out.

If you haven’t considered touring yourself virtually, you might want to. For more information on how we conduct our virtual author tours, send a quick e-mail to

Virtual Author Tours!


Be Your Own Spy


When was the last time you monitored your competitor’s web sites, or even took a few minutes to look them over? If you don’t, maybe you should. Get to know who else is out there sharing your “pond.” Doing a periodic competitor check is a healthy way to stay in touch with other people in your industry and get to know the competition.


Internet Searches can Save the World


Have you ever wondered how much money charities could raise if every time you did an online search they got a donation? Well Good Search wondered the same thing and together with Yahoo, now offers a search engine that will do just that. Every time you do a search it will donate money to the charity of your choice. So now while you’re searching for some new promotional ideas for your book, you can do your part to save the environment, pets, or any other worthy cause:

Good Search


Virtual Success: Is Your Expertise Working for You?


If you’ve written a book, you’re an expert. Whether the topic is the War of 1812, a Victorian romance, a forensic mystery, or a “how I won $100,000 at the track” – – if you’ve researched it and written it, you’re the Go-To Guy or Gal about the topic. So, what are you doing to capitalize on your expertise? A few things come to mind: 1) set up an online class and sell PDF lessons that go hand-in-hand with your book (students must buy your book, too, of course!); 2) do a free teleclass on your topic, and offer everyone on the call a discount for buying your book within the next 24 hours; 3) if you’ve written a novel, sell a short course on “how I wrote my first novel”; 4) seek out websites in your genre and offer to write a column about your topic. The possibilities are endless.

Tip submitted by Nancy Hendrickson, Website consultant, copywriter and fabulous member of the Author Marketing Experts, Inc Team. Contact her with your “virtual” questions at:

Email Nancy!


When to publish? It’s all about timing.


Publish your book in the off-season: Since most major publishers release lots of books in September, October, April and May, choose January or August as your publication date, or pick December, January or February as they are slower months


High Profile Publicity: From Menendez to Murphy, the Secrets to Great PR


Read our blog on some great PR secrets we think you’ll love!

AME Blog!


Expert Recommendation!


Expert Recommendation Every so often we find a great product or service and this one is certainly in that category. If you’re ready to offer your book in an ebook format on your site but aren’t sure where to begin, this service will help you create an ebook in only a few minutes and once you’re done with it, you can add it to your site and start selling! Ebook Generator!


Who We Are


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To see a price list or schedule a free consultation, send your e-mail to with the subject line “Author Marketing Experts Info.”

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