Selling to Staples

by | Apr 5, 2006 | Book Marketing Basics

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Have you been to your local Staples recently? If you have you’ve probably seen how they’ve expanded their book section. If you think your book is perfect for their store, shoot them an e-mail at to get their new product submission form (don’t forget to put New Product in the subject line).

Happy Selling!


  1. Sue Cox

    New Product – I submitted a new product idea a moment ago, but did not see a “subject line” as I understood there should be, therefore, I am informing you now that I sent in a submission and it was apparently sent to the marketing division, which is where I hope it was supposed to be routed to. Could you please take a moment to find out if it is in the right place and/or re-direct it if it needs to be? Thank you for your time, and I apologize for any inconvenience. Sue Cox

  2. Deanna Connors

    Please email me a new product submission form.

    Thank you!

    Deanna Connors


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